New Collections - Euroluce 2011

New Collections - Euroluce 2011

D57 Beluga White
design Marc Sadler
Polished chromium-plated structures. Adjustable polished white blown glass diffusers.

F07 Lumi
design A. Saggia & V. Sommella - D&G Studio
Diffusers in satin-finish white blown glass, available in different shapes. Supporting structures made of white painted metal or polyester reinforced with glass fibre.

F09 Ombra
design Alberto Torsello
Anodised aluminium projector for museums and retail areas.
LED lighting source, fl exibility of the beam pointing, wide range of accessories and possibility to customize the lighting. Ombra does not produce harmful radiations to the works of art and enhances the colours of the illuminated works without altering their perception.

F10 Spirito di Venezia
design Gian Paolo Canova
Polished chromium-plated metal structure illuminating the blown-glass decorations which are supported by stainless steel cables.

F11 Paddle
design Benjamin Hubert
Aluminium or aluminium and wood frame. Adjustable stand and arms.
High power 84 micro LEDs lightning and light dynamic control through capacitive touch.

F12 Roofer
design Benjamin Hubert
The three tone coloured scales, made of semi-rigid rubbery material, cover two frames different in shape.
The lower part is closed by a polymethylmethacrylate diffuser disk.

F13 Kwark
design Karim Rashid
Natural or painted aluminium casting reticular structure.
Its back panel reflects the light of the LEDs creating a volumetric light effect.

F14 Giunco
design Marc Sadler
Stands are made of white plastic material reinforced with fibreglass. It has a dust painted metallic grey base and a double LED system lightning with bright effect on the arms.

F15 Slot
design Studio Futura & Bridgewell Consulting LTD
Rollaway aluminium structure. Polymethyl methacrylate diffuser.
Maximum flexibility in available lengths.

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