Lucie Koldova

Lucie Koldova (born 1983 in the Czech Republic) is a light and product designer based in Prague, Czech Republic. After graduating at Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in 2009, she moved to Paris. Lucie started developing
her creations for various companies in France as well as abroad. It was therefore a natural progression for her to gain wide audience in 2010 with the first series of lights named Balloons and Muffins for the Czech blown glass specialist Brokis. Soon after she established her own studio in Paris in 2012, now settled in Prague.
Lucie Koldova has transformed and honed influences, inspiration and motives coming out from different cultures melting together in Paris into her charismatic and elegant style in sensual formal language. Her work stretches from daily products to poetic gallery objects and limited series, including furniture pieces, glass sculptures and timeless lights, objects of desire - chic and purified.
Creative interest of Lucie Koldova is mainly focused on glass and lighting design bringing still more novel and exciting themes, technological as well as formal solutions in the field. Lucie uses classic craftsmanship through cutting-edge technologies with a main focus on pure beauty of materials such as glass, wood and metal. Her style featuring emotions is based on breathtaking use of colors, unusual proportions and vibrant formal contrasts and her objects often overcome limits of possible.
Lucie Koldova’s widely exhibited work is represented by Gallery S. Bensimon (France), La Chance (France), Haymann Edition (France), Chevalier Édition (France), internationally also by Brokis, Lasvit and Křehký Gallery and LUGI (Czech Republic).


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