Spirito Di Venezia F10

Gian Paolo Canova

When creating this model, designer Gian Paolo Canova intended to create a chandelier using only glass, totally free of any mechanical elements such as rods, metallic bowls and lamp holders, to give it a feel of pure immateriality. He succeeded with this highly charming and intriguing object. This collection exudes simplicity and is not contaminated by any element that could make it appear heavy. Glass is no longer merely the decorated element around a light source but is illuminated to show off its beauty. Its arms no longer hold the lights but are themselves the shape and decoration. The collection is made up of two hanging lamps in different sizes for indoor use. The structure is painted white which illuminates the decorations in transparent and white blown glass, supported by thin stainless steel wires. These lamps are perfectly suited to refined, elegant settings where they will create a unique, timeless atmosphere. The lamp runs on mains power and is suitable for use with halogen bulbs.
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