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Saya is the new hanging lamps collection designed by Gio Minelli and Marco Fossati. This project was inspired by the tale of a journey midway between the East and the West, where aesthetics and the memory of far-off cultures are combined with the ancient Venetian tradition of caged blown glass. The shape is inspired by a large dew drop depositing and sliding downward along a series of metal wires, that break its fall closing in and giving a suspended sensation. The cage acquires new aesthetic value, becoming the protagonist of the project. The large blow-glass body is modelled within it without deformation, creating a perfect balance between light and decoration.

The collection comprises several hanging lamps for indoor and outdoor use in three different shapes. The caged blown glass diffusers are available in the transparent and glossy white versions. The glass supporting structures are made of retail with bronze, gold and chrome finish. Electrification on main voltage for halogen, fluorescent and LED lamps.

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