In order to be updated on all the activities carried out by the company, it is possible to browse all news reported in this section and arranged by category. The most interesting releases regard the launch of new lamps or design and furniture events. Finally yet importantly, all lighting projects developed in collaboration with renowned architects are presented in this section.


AÉROSTAT LIMITED EDITION: a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself

The lamp is clearly inspired by the form of an aerostat, or airship, as the name implies, suggesting a luminous object so light that it rises off the ground on its own.

PIVOT: Connectors for sets of suspension lamps

Non-electrified mobile connectors have recently been made available: these are for mounting an increased number of Pivot suspension lamp sets. Using the first joint, two lamps can be connected in line or at a 90 degree angle, to make square compositions as in the example above.

Freeline: learn about the new system

On the occasion of the twenty-ninth edition of the International Lighting Exhibition, Fabbian Illuminazione presented a series of new collections which, along with technology and design, seeks to stimulate the user's creativity, offering new solutions to the ordinary requirements of lighting engi

Metropole: a wall made of light and fabric

Following the great success of our glass screens Tile and Laminis, we introduced a new system which is just as beautiful and light: Metropole, a wall system made out of wood and fabric.

Cloudy awarded with the iF Product Design Award 2014

We are delighted to let you know that – out of 3,249 entries – our product Cloudy designed by Mathieu Lehanneur has won an iF Product Design Award 2014 in the Lighting category and will be recognized with the renowned iF label.

Fabbian presents its new Oru design lamp collection

This new Oru modern lamp collection offers a coloured, new, innovative solution to light your homes with.

The new Oru lamp collection interprets metal in an unusual way. "What is peculiar about these suspensions - explain the designers Vim & Vigor - is that they seem to change shape while you're looking at them, walking around them."

Paddle is now available in the white version

Paddle, the original table and floor lamp of the British designer Benjamin Hubert, is now available in the white color. Paddle allows a broad range of movements, inspired by the 360 degree movement of a canoe blade in water.

Mochi and Sfera for the bathroom environment

Mochi and Sfera of the Lumi collection have been renewed. Some of the wall and ceiling models of this fortunate white blown glass series have rightly earned themselves a place in the bathroom environment, thanks to the index of protection (IP) 44 which makes them more resistant to humidity.

Both the 12 and 20 centimetre Mochi wall/ceiling models and the 9, 14 and 20 centimetre Sfera wall/ceiling models are now compatible with the bathroom environment. For a guaranteed glam-chic effect.

Mochi codes available with IP44:
F07 G01 01
F07 G03 01

Sfera codes available with IP44:

Tile: build with light

Tile stems from an idea by Pamio Design to create a modular lamp consisting of individual glass elements. Inspiration is taken from nature, which suggests numerous aggregations.

Tile is a design lamp made from single pieces of glass, designed to form a continuous structure which reflects light. Thanks to the numerous compositional solutions, Tile offers unlimited possibilities of personalisation, to cater to the needs of even the most discerning customer and especially the contract market. Endless options exist for creating a modular lamp, a light wall, a cascade of glass reflections.

For more information about the use of Tile software please follow this instructions

Download here below the software to build your Tile.

tools Fabbian faretti

Tools the new recessed spotlights

Fabbian presents Tools, a brand new line of technical, recessed spotlights.

These polished-chrome or white powder coated spotlights are available in various sizes and light-source types: Led, halogen or metal iodide, to cater to a range of different modern living needs, to best light up private homes and public premises.

The Tools product series includes both fixed spotlights and with adjustable diffusers and directional spheres.

Lampade di cartone Fabbian Studio Pamio

Fabbian presents the ecological lamps of Studio Pamio

Cardboard shines with light and new life thanks to the creativity of Studio Pamio Design which in cooperation with Fabbian illuminazione and P-One has created a new collection of ecological lamps.

These are floor lamps made of 100% recycled cardboard, strong like wood, presented in a new colour range. Shapes that can be square or softer, contemporary lines with an ecological heart. To light up with style and love of nature.

In detail, there are three floor lamps with three different shapes and personalities.

Enck ceiling light - polished chrome and gold

Fabbian presents two new products: Enck and Quadriled

Fabbian at Light+Building presents two new products: Enck and Quadriled.

Enck, a ring of light

Elegant, refined and slim, Enck is the new die-cast aluminium lamp, upshot of the creativity of designer Francesco Lucchese. Enck is based on the idea of light filtering through a slim, almost imperceptible structure. The shape is round, inspired by nature. The structure consists of two slot-in shells and is based on the idea of a sea-shell.
Enck is available in 3 colours: matt white, polished chrome, dull gold.

Roofer: new shapes and colour

Versatile is the most appropriate adjective to describe this collection of pendants designed for indoor installation. Roofer, ispired by the tiles of the roof, is available in three different shapes and five sizes and its well suited to be installed in large or small rooms.

A new glass: Becky

Design Bridgewell Consulting LTD

F07 Lumi – Mycena: new compositions

New compositional ideas for the collection Lumi.
Four new composition with blown glass have been recently designed for F07 Lumi largest collection. The three wall and ceiling forms Mycena can be combined together to create original and decorative lighting effects.
By purchasing three forms, different or the same, and the panel the following groups con be composed:

- F07 PMG (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1701+ F07G1901)
- F07 PMM (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1701+ F07G1701)
- F07 PPM (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1501+ F07G1701)
- F07 PPP (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1501+ F07G1501

New Collections - Euroluce 2011

D57 Beluga White
design Marc Sadler
Polished chromium-plated structures. Adjustable polished white blown glass diffusers.

F07 Lumi
design A. Saggia & V. Sommella - D&G Studio
Diffusers in satin-finish white blown glass, available in different shapes. Supporting structures made of white painted metal or polyester reinforced with glass fibre.

F09 Ombra

Ombra: projector for museums lighting

Ombra is a museum and retail area spotlight featuring high colour-rendering LEDs.
This is a high-performance spotlight: the LED light source used does not alter the colours, has low temperatures which do not spoil the works on show, creates natural lighting which enhances the natural beauty of paintings and sculptures and has low energy consumption.
The spotlight bulb permits achieving a narrow-angle and high-intensity beam, with excellent accent lighting design to emphasise details, smaller objects or objects at a distance from the light.

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