Freeline F44

Flynn Talbot

The idea behind Freeline is the need to reinvent light. Traditionally, the lighting - and thus furnishing - of a room has always been determined, and limited, by the position of the lighting point. Freeline overcomes this obstacle, allowing to start from the aesthetic design, and then choosing the lighting last. This modular system allows to create innovative shapes, independent from the lighting point position. In this context, the lighting becomes a strong decorative, yet functional element: the light is placed in the most fitting position, and it can also be moved at a later time.

Freeline is a modular system comprising black and bronze anodized aluminium bars in different lengths, fastened to one another through clamps. The lighting points have three different shapes: a white glazed blown-glass globe, a black aluminium narrow spot light with a lens, and a black aluminium broad spotlight with methacrylate diffuser. Each lighting point features a LED source and is supplied with different cable lengths. The cables are hidden within the bar grooves. The power supply can be connected through a remote driver or through a ceiling or track-mounted driver.

In addition to the system, the Freeline collection is enhanced by the suspension and indoor ceiling light variant. These lamps, made of black and bronze anodized aluminium bars, are available in three sizes for the suspension variant and one for the ceiling light. The suspension bars can be oriented for downward or upward illumination. The electrification is mains voltage for LEDs, the power supply is through a driver that can be placed on the ceiling.
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