Gigi Rossi

Eclectic. Perhaps Gigi Rossi’s most distinctive feature, art director of CaDé, brand of the company “Il Cantiere”.
From Borgogne, where he lives together with his parents, emigrated in France, he comes back to Italy teenager and completes the technical studies.
Later he works as informatics technician for a telephony firm, starting contemporarily his long artistic career which brings him to the present profession. At that time, in fact, Gigi Rossi starts his jazz double-bass player career, carried on for twenty years. This passion anticipates other artistic interests: photography and graphic arts principally.
The artistic attitude, tempered by a rational mind, led him to minimalism and to the research that brings the material to express itself.
In the year 2000 he chooses definitely the Design , both as artistic expression and industrial solution, and creates furniture elements with a new, particularly ductile material.
The meeting between design and cement has already created some objects, through which he could express his imagination and inventiveness.
He lives and works in Pordenone, Italy.

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