DiamondSwirl D82

Bridgewell Consulting LTD

The DiamondSwirl collection was inspired by the movement of water: waves breaking onto rocks creating foam sculptures, the overwhelming, impetuous ocean during a storm and the grooves drawn on the sand by the sea. Water is a diamond and the wind is the swirl that tries insistently to scratch its surface, a lengthy process in nature which inspired the unique decorations of this range, allowing Bridgewell Consulting LTD to create a series of lamps and chandeliers which are romantic, classic and elegant and have their very own story to tell.

The collection is composed of pendant and wall lamps for indoor use. The diffusers are in hand-ground crystal in a choice of two different designs: the metallic fittings are in polished chrome while the lampshades of the wall lamps are in canetè-organza. The lamp runs on mains power and is suitable for use with halogen bulbs.
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