Case Studies

The Case Studies section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.

Bar and lounge

A Coffee among Lumi!

Kohi Coffee is a young and dynamic venue in Boston (US) where you can have a quick stop to drink a great coffee alone or with friends. The space is large, airy and easy to move around thanks to its very simple and minimal furnishing. The materials used are simple, but the way they are combined gives great character to the environment.
Of particular interest are the polished cement floor, the light wood tables and the counter's covering of unpolished metal. Numerous hanging lights of Lumi in different sizes and shapes have been selected to illuminate and decorate the whole space with great delicacy and elegance, giving a truly contemporary feeling.

Majik Cafè

The Majik Cafè is a bar and restaurant in Belgrade (Serbia), right in the heart of the city’s entertainment district. The bar was designed and created by the famous designer, Karim Rashid, who is responsible for the very eccentric, dynamic interiors with bold contrasts of colour and shape.
Part of the lighting was created using Fabbian lamps. Right next to the entrance, a long line of Cricket spotlights illuminates the tables by the windows, while Zen recessed spotlights using LED technology in RGB bring the passageways and the kitchen to life, while in the unusual bathrooms, lighting is provided by Venere spotlights. This is a prime example of how Fabbian lamps contribute to and enhance design.

Arch. Karim Rashid

Bar Home&Spa Design 2011

On the occasion of the 2011 edition of the Fuori Salone Home&Spa Design of Milan, Fabbian was called on to help with the illumination of numerous spaces, including the lounge and bar area of the event. The project required a very essential and minimalist design that enabled the creation of pleasant, relaxing atmospheres during the frenetic exhibition of the Saloni di Milano.
The lamps chosen reflected the modern and elegant character of the design: the meeting area and bar area was illuminated using the beautiful Angle floor lamps in the black version, and the Flow table lamps. The bar counter was decorated with the small hanging lamps of the Bijou collection in the polished chrome version, while Beluga Colour recessed spotlights on the ceiling increase the overall illumination in the area.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Bar Antiche Beccherie

Just outside the city walls of Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy), a lounge and bar with fresh, youthful appeal has been opened: The Antiche Beccherie bar. The interiors are cosy and a pleasant place to while away the evenings and spend relaxing, carefree moments.
The furnishings and lighting chosen are elegant and modern: the tables in the bar are illuminated with the large Bijou hanging lamps in white, while on the upper floor, the long Clap hanging lamps have been chosen to lend a touch of minimalism. The corridors and passageways are dominated by the No More wall lamps in white. The lighting chosen is warm and sophisticated, just right for this modern, youthful place.

Anthony Bandiera Design
Ph. Giulio Favotto


Euroluce 2019

At Euroluce 2019 trade fair, Fabbian has once again marked its activity and continuous search for new lighting architectures offering decorative elements with superior character and quality.

Euroluce 2017

On the occasion of the twenty-ninth edition of the Salone Internazionale dell’Illuminazione, Fabbian Illuminazione presented a series of new collections which, along with technology and design, seeks to stimulate the user's creativity, offering new solutions to the ordinary requirements of lighting engineering.

Among the collections presented, we find Claque, a series of high-performance spotlights designed by Marc Sadler. Olympic, a collection of circular rings, by designer Lorenzo Truant, emits a diffused light and can be adjusted to create original geometric shapes, as well as being interlinked. Lens, designed by Lucie Koldova, is a group of metallic suspension lights whose substantial size allows them to fill large spaces, creating a pleasant, diffused and indirect light. Freeline, designed by Flynn Talbot, is a modular system allowing the light to be "transported" to various parts of the room, as required. The system works using intersectable tracks onto which three different types of spotlights can be positioned as desired: one spherical, one directed spotlight and one indirect light reflector.

Also new is the Metropole sectional system, designed by Marc Sadler, whose main attributes are its sound-absorbent fabric in various hues of natural colours, and its beech wood slats. An interesting addition to Marc Sadler's Giunco collection are his outdoor floor lamps in copper and brass. These are stylised, bell-shaped lamps that shine a spotlight onto paths and gardens that require illumination. By contrast, Beluga Royal is a collection of spherical suspension lights in metallic transparent blown glass. They in turn reflect the surrounding light thanks to the mirroring effect of the glass, creating a beautiful, elegant ambience in the spaces in which they are placed. Finally, there is Crio, one of Fabbian's historic best-sellers that has seen the addition of an extra large version. Namely, an LED suspension light with a diameter of 180cm. This suspension light is available in various finishes: white, natural wood, and dark wood.

Euroluce 2015

From 14 to 19 April 2015, the annual Euroluce exhibition took place in Milan. Fabbian was present with a large range of its latest products on display, largely focused on cascades of light and glass. numerous Lumi hanging lamps were fitted above the tables, at different heights, and a Multispot Beluga chandelier was installed in a way to create a large hemisphere.
Above the reception desk, light was provided by Multispot Tooby lamps, one row at the same height and another at irregular heights. Areas were also created to present the new collections for 2015: Loop/strong>, Polair/strong>, Pivot, Puà, Quarter, Eyes and also from 2014: Giro, Cyclone, Arèrostat and Boomy. Finally, the circumference of the entire stand was defined with Tile and Laminis lamps.

Ach. Pamio design
Ph. Tobia Berti

Light+Building 2014

From 30 March to 4 April 2014, the Light+Building 2014 trade show took place in Frankfurt (Germany), where Fabbian displayed the novelties for 2014. Architects Dompieri&Pisoni created a very cosy, open-space stand, in the centre of which tables and seating were provided for customers, who could admire the 2014 collections on the surrounding walls: Glu, Cyclone, Mia, Aèrostat, Boomy, Cloudy and the coloured hanging lamps Oru. Around the space defined by Tile lamps and to the back of the entrance desk hung a row of Leaf prototype tiles.

Arch. Dompieri&Pisoni
Ph. Nava-Rapacchietta

Euroluce 2013

From 9 to 14 April 2013, Fabbian took part in the Euroluce 2013 exhibition in Milan. The large stand covering 200 square metres was designed by the Architects Dompieri&Pisoni, who created a path of light to present the novelties of 2013. It began with the latest additions to the Lumi Mochi collections, with round and square-shaped hanging lamps with several light sources, and close by the Lamas lamps with an unusual polycarbonate diffuser.
Further along was the Tools area, with all the variants of this lamp collection, in different colours, followed by Cloudy and the rich collection of lamps in wood in the Stick collection. The path ended with the Clove collection in coloured metal. The reception desk was illuminated by Oru hanging lamps and, to the back, a sparkling wall of Tile lamps. The seating area for visitors was illuminated by LED hanging lamps created especially for the offices of the important Florentine museum, the Uffizi.

Arch. Dompieri&Pisoni
Ph. Alberto Parise

Light+Building 2012

Dal 15 al 20 aprile 2012 si è tenuta a Francoforte (Germania) l’esposizione Light+Building 2012. Fabbian ha esposto le collezioni degli ultimi due anni in uno stand tutto aperto progettato dallo studio milanese Salottobuono.
A soffitto sono state predisposte 4 nicchie dove sono state installate le sospensioni Lumi di forme diverse, nove Roofer nei colori verde e marrone, le plafoniere Enck bianche disposte a cerchio e nove lampade Kwark bianche. Tutt’attorno numerose plafoniere della collezione Quadriled definiscono le quattro zone. Infine, una lunga parete Tile a led illumina il lungo bancone che, come la teca di un museo, mostra e spiega i componenti del sistema Tile.

Project Salottobuono
Ph. Giorgio De Vecchi

Index 2011 Dubai (UAE)

From 22 to 25 October in 2011, the Index 2011 exhibition was held in Dubai, where Fabbian presented its stand that was entirely dedicated to the Tile system. To one side of the stand, to define the space, two striking luminous walls of Tile lamps were installed, while in the centre of the stand a circular chandelier was created using numerous ‘tiles’.
Behind the reception desk, there was another long wall of LED Tile lamps. This event gave Fabbian the opportunity to show the world the great and numerous possible uses of the Tile system. With Tile it is possible to build architectural elements such as illuminated walls or glass pillars, to create unique spaces with a very striking effect.

Arch. Pamio Design

ISaloni WorldWide Mosca 2011

From 12 to 15 October in 2011, Fabbian participated in the international ISaloni Worldwide 2011 exhibition in Moscow (Russia). For this exhibition, Lumi hanging lamps in various shapes and sizes were installed over the reception desk, creating a charming, highly decorative light fitting. The area of the stand was delineated by sparkling dual-row walls of Tile lamps.
The company wanted to present above all the Tile system to the Russian market, due to its potential and the high quality of the crystal used. With Tile it is possible to create large, luxurious lighting projects, sophisticated chandeliers and exquisite installations that will make any room unique.

Arch. Pamio Design

Euroluce 2011

From 12 to 17 April 2011, Fabbian displayed its latest products at the usual biennial Euroluce exhibition in Milan. The large stand covering 200 square metres was planned by the young English designer, Benjamin Hubert, who was also the brain behind two of the collections presented at the fair.
The minimalist, white painted stand was very cosy and fully open along the long side. The reception desk was illuminated by four Roofer hanging lamps while at the back, partitioned by two high and long Tile walls, there was a negotiating area. Kwark lamps by Karim Raschid, Ombra lamps and numerous Lumi wall lamps were installed on the side walls. In the centre, amidst a cane thicket, other novelties were on display: Paddle, Angle, Giunco, Spirito di Venezia and Lumi hanging and table lamps.

Designer Benjamin Hubert
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Euroluce 2009

From 22 to 27 April 2009, Fabbian participated at the Euroluce 2009 exhibition in Milan, with a stand of 400 square metres. It was designed by Architect Alberto Torsello and consisted of a closed area in the centre and an area at the side, where a path allowed visitors to admire the novelties and best-selling products.
At the entrance, the long reception desk was illuminated by three imposing Crio lamps in the dark wood version, while the following collections were displayed on the sides of the high niches: Tube, Book, Diamond&Swirl, Domina, Factory, Folio, Flow, Vela, Ali, Plano, Kir, and Leto. In the very centre, the large and intimate customer reception area was defined by numerous tables illuminated by elegant Flow table lamps, and along the sides there was a bookcase with catalogues illuminated by Venere spotlights.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Sia Guest 2009

From 21 to 24 November 2009 in Rimini, the Sia Guest 2009 exhibition took place - the International Hospitality Exhibition. Fabbian was called on to use its design and quality to illuminate and enhance numerous spaces planned by important architects.
A large installation made with Tile lamps was used to define the stand of several lighting companies. In other common areas and in the Good Design Hotel, lamps from the Vela and Diamond&Swirl collections were used for the lounge area, while Tube and Cubetto were used for the conference room, Plano was used for the information desk and more walls made using Tile and Beluga Steel were created for the path leading through the art gallery.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Sia Guest 2008

From 22 to 25 November 2008, the meeting on the new frontier of hospitality, Sia Guest 2008, took place in Rimini. Fabbian took part as technical sponsor for illumination and took care of the illumination of the Enjoy your Flight area, dedicated to the different styles used in airline lounges at airports.
In one of these, “SirenettaBistrò”, planned by Architect Luca Scacchetti, recessed spotlights from the Venere, Cricket, Eli, and Tondo collections were used, plus Rombo from the Faretti collection, the large Crio hanging lamp in light-coloured wood and lamps from the Classici collection. In the common areas, wall lamps with a support arm from the Beluga Steel collection were used, Toroidale and Crio hanging lamps, and adjustable Snake and Beluga Stone wall lamps, as well as recessed spotlights from the Sette W, Faretti Lei, and Venere collections.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Made Expo 2010

The Made Expo 2010 took place in Milan from 3 to 6 February, the trade show dedicated to architecture, design and construction. Fabbian illuminated the stand of Incana Natura, a leading manufacturer of wall decoration systems.
The stand recreated living rooms in which it welcomed its customers, and the lamps used were: Tile luminous walls as partition walls, Tube and large sphere Beluga Steel hanging lamps, track-mounted Beluga Crystal spotlights, Plano recessed spotlights, Snake and Bungee, and wall lamps mounted on a glass plate, Beluga Crystal. Almost all the lamps were positioned close to the walls to exalt each model and create suggestive lighting effects on the beautiful stone wall coverings.

Ph. Giorgio Favotto

Facilities and services

Cathay Pacific Lounge - The Wing - Hong Kong Airport

Fabbian Illuminazione has realized the ambitious The Wing project, a glass and light sculpture designed by the famous firm of architects, Norman Foster + Partners of London and positioned inside the Hong Kong airport, as symbol of the Cathay Pacific airline’s VIP lounge.
China turned to the excellence of Italian creativity to produce a towering work: an ultra-clear glass lamp 6 metres long and 3.2 metres high, weighing about 8 and a half tons. In seeking a supplier to complete this project, the Chinese chose the Italian company Fabbian for its reliability, quality, but above all its manufacturing skills and ability to give shape to the architect’s idea while at the same time complying with Chinese airport regulations, among the most stringent in the world.
«We have not only manufactured a lamp…but a design object»
The Wing lamp is made up of 20 ultra-clear glass blades standing 3.2 metres high. Each is shaped differently from the other, according to the design of Foster + Partners, and is decorated with engravings which, lit up by LED sources hidden in the base, produce a breathtaking effect.
The lamp weighs 8500 kg: this is a huge load concentrated on an airport floor of limited strength and able to withstand a limited weight. A base had to be designed able to support a heavy weight, to contain the lighting devices, which was easy to transport and service, and which was also beautiful to look at.
The Wing is a concentrate of totally made-in-Italy lighting technology. The technological base, which supports a huge weight of 8500 kg and contains the LEDs, is completely concealed flush with the floor. The floor of the VIP lounge in black Carrara marble contrasts with the purity of the crystals lit up by a system of LEDs which create a spectacular reflection effect.

Arch. Foster + Partners
Ph. Alberto Parise

Cathay Pacific Lounge - Paris C. De Gaulle Airport

Following the superb experience of Hong Kong, theAsian airline Cathay Pacific Airways has decided to make the Tile glass wall its distinguishing mark at the international airports in various cities around the world, including the C. De Gaulle Airport of Paris.
Here, there is a slightly smaller Tile wall behind the reception desk of the Lounge, of around 3 metres, also lit using LED technology, which gives the area a touch of elegance and a distinct indication of Italian-made style.

R.T.K.L. Architects
Photo© Courtesy of

Cathay Pacific Airways Business Lounge - San Francisco Airport

Cathay Pacific Airways has made Tile its hallmark also in America. At the airport of San Francisco (CA, USA) there is an entire Tile wall using LED technology. The architects of the Business Lounge of the Asian airline, Gensler Architects, designed the entire area and behind the information desk, they built a luminous LED wall using the Tile panels.
The overall impact is striking and thanks to Tile and the sparkle of its crystal, this part of the airport has a touch of sophistication and great importance. Tile, the Italian design that makes prestigious spaces unique.

Gensler Architects
Photo© Courtesy of

Cathay Pacific Lounge - The Cabin - Hong Kong Airport

The project for Cathay Pacific Airways at the international airport of Hong Kong (HK) is named “The Cabin”, and was designed by the famous architectural firm of London, Foster + Partners.
Fabbian demonstrated its great professionalism and organisational skills to create this important lighting installation, which has also been used in other lounges of the Asian airline throughout the world. To match the same luxury and elegance in this area of the airport, the architects chose lamps from the Tile collection. The wall at the back of the long reception desk was illuminated with a double row of crystal bricks of LED Tile lights, from top to bottom, in order to achieve an evenly lit wall with a great visual impact.

Arch. Foster + Partners
Ph. Nigel Young/Foster + Partners
Ph. Alberto Parise

Fabbian Parking Area

The Parking Area of the head offices of Fabbian Illuminazione in Castelminio di Resana (TV, Italy), was recently given a face-lift. The modern, imposing structure of the roofing, on which solar panels are fitted to produce electricity, are illuminated by the numerous Cricket light fittings with LED technology and a rating of IP67.
The overall effect is considerably striking and proves that in addition to its practical role, light is also of aesthetic importance.

Ph. Claudio Carraro


New Road Hotel (London)

For the restructuring of this building, which used to be a textile factory, the goal was to create a modern and informal space respecting the historicity of the place and its "industrial" feel. The renovation involved the preservation of a great number of walls in rough masonry and of the cast iron frames belonging to the original large windows and partitions, all in cast iron. For this purpose, the Freeline system was well suited, and thanks to the minimalism of its aluminium bars, it perfectly suited this context of industrial recovery, becoming the main lighting of the entire ground floor: hall, bar, restaurant, corridor, bathrooms, as well as the meeting & leisure room - where Freeline has been integrated into a modern home automation system. The project structures the system in different ways for all the different environments, creating straight lines, oblique, zigzag and "playing" using the three dimensions. In total, over 160 metres of Freeline structure and 113 light points were used, mainly "plates" (F45L12) while 7 spots (F45L02) were reserved for the lighting of the bar counter. The project manager and our client was CMT Design & Construction company from London, while the interior design project was designed by the architect Ian Hopwood, of Salisbury's Symthesis Architecture studio.

Interior Design: Synthesis Architecture

Murray Hotel: another prestigious collaboration with Foster+Partners

The project, by Foster+Partners, for the redevelopment and redesign of the interior of a building in Hong Kong, recognized as an important example of modern architecture, has recently been completed. The Murray, built in 1969 in the central business district of the city as the government's headquarters, became a luxury hotel just a few months ago, with 336 luxurious rooms, a rooftop bar, several restaurants and a space for events. The project is based on a continuous communication between old and new, which is why the Foster + Partners studio has chosen to collaborate with Fabbian again.
In the communal areas of the entrance and restaurant, five glass dividing walls of different sizes and considerable weight (up to 1000 kg) have been installed, consisting of numerous glass panels, the design of which is similar to the grid pattern of the hotel façade, all framed by a golden cover. On the walls, LED-lit panels have been installed, using glass panels on mirrors, to better reflect the shiny glass. Finally, two rectangular suspensions (200x60 cm) and a large oval (600x300 cm) have been created for the Rooftop bar, made up of large plates with numerous Cheope spotlights, encased in an Eulithe frame, a material which is similar to wood, but lighter and more synthetic, on which one can use finishes such as chrome plating. A unique and original work, entirely done by Fabbian on an executive project by Foster + Partners, which has restored character and life to an important building in the city.
With extensive experience and production quality, Fabbian has once again left an important mark on the history of design, a concrete demonstration of how the company is always ready and open to unique and tailor-made projects.

Project: Foster+Partners
Ph: Nigel Young / Foster+Partners

Hotel Willemswerf

Fabbian was asked to decorate the lobby area around the stairs leading to the prestigious Hotel Willemswerf in Rotterdam. This spacious, luminous area is dominated by the huge chandelier measuring 180 cm in diameter and 400 cm max. in height.
It uses the Tooby diffuser from the Multispot range designed by Nanne de Ru: this consists of a tube in borosilicate glass (Pyrex®), with a cylindrical element in grooved plastic inside to ensure an even diffusion of light along the entire length of the tube. There are 160 lighting points in total, each fitted with a dimmable LED (3W- WHITE 2700K- 700mA). This light fitting was made entirely to customer specifications.

Arch. Powerhouse Company
Ph. Christian van der Kooy

Excelsior Gallia Hotel

Inaugurated in 1932, the Excelsior Gallia Hotel in Milan was recently refurbished by the famous architect Marco Piva, who, for the occasion, designed a wall lamp inspired by the elegance and sensuality of the 1920s and 1930s Art Déco.
Gold Step is an elegant wall lamp made entirely of aluminum with two finishes: satin-finish bronze on the rectangular support plate and satin-finish gold for the three parallelepiped diffusors placed at symmetrical distances from one another. Gold Step beautifies the evocative staircase of the hotel.
The Excelsior Gallia Hotel includes also other Fabbian LED products: the Tile wall lamp makes the hallways airy and astonishing, thanks to its clear glass and intrinsic elegance; the Tile wall lamp is also used to lit one of the spacious conference rooms. The terrace is adorned by the Slot ceiling lamp and by the Vela floor lamp, to give a modern touch to a timeless project.

Arch. Marco Piva
Ph. Alberto Parise

InterContinental London - The O2

The magnificent Intercontinental London The O2 Hotel, couldn't have turned out better if it wasn't for our beautiful collections: Laminis and Multispot. It is three imposing glass panels to welcome the guests in the lobby of the hotel. Thanks to the possibiliy of customization, it was possible to give a complete new look to our Laminis.
Indeed, the standard glass tiles were mixed with completely new custom-made tiles that create a soft yet very sophisticated concentric effect.
Another brilliant solution was reached in the lighting of the staircase, where a rainfall of Multispot Tooby were set up like floating candles. The colour of the structure was customized in order to match the amber glass finish of the Laminis tiles.
Finally, in the rooftop bar some clusters of Multispot Beluga arranged over the coffee tables and the bar counter create an elegant and delicate atmosphere.

ph. Alberto Parise

Hotel Monteverde

The Hotel Monteverde, located in Bistagno (AL), offers everything necessary for a pleasant stay in the middle of the hills and vineyards of Piemonte. Such a charming place could only be lit by some of our most famous collections:
Giro, wide and light gives a modern yet sophisticated touch to the vast courtyard. Lumi Sfera e Mycena, create a dynamic movement thanks to the different shapes and sizes.
Toroidale, welcoming and elegant gave its pattern to the interior windows as well. Pivot wall lamp, is perfect to light up the paintings on the wall with style and simplicity. Beluga White, is the cool element in the lighting of the bar area.

Marriott Hotel

Every hotel needs a unique touch, something to make it special and different. For this reason Fabbian succeeded in lighting up the Marriott Hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. The idea behind it was to use clusters of lights that would enhance the cosy atmosphere created by the warm furniture and the large spaces.
A cascade of Lumi pendant lights with different shapes were laid out in an irregular way in to order to create a dynamic look for the restaurant. Whereas the black Bijou pendant lights playfully light up the bar counter. Finally, the unique Dono pendant lamps were used to create a fun look above the tables.

Arch. Uras & Dilekci Mimarlık

Hemera Hotel

The Hotel Hemera in Podgorica, Montenegro, takes its name from the ancient goddess of light, and for this reason, part of the hotel has been fitted with Fabbian lamps. The building is a blend of rustic, industrial design and hi-tech elements that make the rooms so unique and refined. The guest rooms are extremely sophisticated and elegant.
The modern furnishings have details of pure luxury, from the velvet used for the curtains and the bed linen to the rugs, and the grandiose prints used to cover entire walls.
The lamps chosen to enhance these details are taken from the Beluga Steel collection: hanging lamps are used to shed illuminate the bedside tables of king size beds, or the TV counter, while wall lamps with arms are used to shed light on the decorated walls and the headboard.

Arch. Virginia Kavraki
Lighting Designer: Igor Strugar

Sani Resort

The Sani Resort, an elegant 5-star hotel in the Kassandra peninsula (Corfù-Greece), is lit up by Fabbian lamps. The large and stylish lobby of the Greek resort is illuminated by Fabbian’s crystal spotlights Faretti, in the corridors you notice the Diamond&Swirl wall lights. The resort interior lighting is completed by the elegant suspensions and ceiling lamps Flow.
An interior design of luxury in a Mediterranean style in the resort awarded by the Condé Nast Traveller Reader Award.

Lighting Designer: Reflect Lights

Du Panthéon Hotel

The Hotel Du Panthéon in Paris lies in the heart of the historic city centre, a superb location for a holiday in Paris. The interiors are inspired by the spirit and stories of certain great women in French history and culture. The hotel thus has a very feminine style with a mixture of modern and retro design. The very bright, Deluxe guest rooms on the sixth floor offer a pleasant view of Paris with Montmartre in the distance.
These rooms are furnished in a very chic style, with Asian influences that create warm, cosy atmospheres. The area at the side of the beds and the bedside tables are illuminated by Clove hanging lamps, made in grey coated metal, which blend in well with the rooms thanks to the perforated decoration of the diffusers.

Arch. Valérie Manoil

De Sers Hotel

The Hotel De Sers in Paris lies in a strategic position, close to the Eiffel Tower and just a short walk from the Champs Elysées. The rooms are well groomed and cosy, and are distinguished by a very young and fresh contemporary style. The rooms and suites offer a unique view from the balconies, from which it is possible to fully appreciate the atmosphere of the city.
The sophisticated design of the furniture and furnishing accessories in each room is further enhanced by the lamps from Fabbian’s Beluga Colour collection, including hanging lamps with transparent crystal diffusers, which are fitted above the head boards that are decorated with tapestries depicting musical themes and metropolitan culture.

Arch. ID Christophe Daudreè

Jeravy II Hotel

The Hotel Jeravy II is situated in Primorsko, a seaside town in the south-east of Bulgaria. The building extends widthways and has very spacious, airy rooms. It has a minimalist, simple style and uses relaxing pastel shades to blend in with the sea environment. In the attractive entrance hall, Fabbian lamps are fitted over the reception desk.
The Riccio hanging lamps do not merely illuminate the reception area, but are a decoration in their own right, adding a pleasant feel to the area with their unusual, contemporary design.
A little further from the entrance, in the lounge areas, a number of Toroidale hanging lamps fill the space with a touch of cosy elegance. In the large dining room, we find the same hanging lamps that are used to enhance and create a sense of uniformity to the entire hotel.


HB Hotel

The HB Hotel is the only 3 star superior hotel in the center of Aosta. Modern and centrally located, it has furnished rooms with a urban style and iconographic elements of the mountains of Valle d'Aosta. The comfortable and modern rooms and suites are light up by table lamps, floor lamps and appliques of Lumi Sfera collection, spotlights Venere and Slot.
Lumi lamps are suitable to create warm and welcoming environments.


Royal Santina Hotel

The Best Western Premier Hotel Royal Santina is in Rome, near to Termini railway station and just a short walk from the historic city centre, in a truly strategic position from which it is possible to breathe in the joyous atmosphere of the capital. The style of the building is essential and minimalist, making it very cosy, and in the lounge area guests can admire the illumination provided by Fabbian lamps.
For the long counter of the bar, three 2-metre Sospesa lamps have been chosen to illuminate and enhance the modern style of this part of the hotel.


Emile Hotel

The Hotel Emile in Paris is a trendsetting hotel in the exclusive Marais district of the city. Although this style is modern and sober, it is extremely sophisticated. All the furnishings were designed exclusively for the hotel to give it a truly unique atmosphere. All the rooms have a distinct look dominated by geometric shapes and bold colours.
The black and white decorations on the walls contrast sharply with those on the carpets, yet are all harmonised by the grey or sky blue shades of the furniture and some of the walls that are painted. In the guest rooms, the hanging lamps and wall lamps are from the Beluga White collection, with diffusers in glossy white blown glass, which give a touch of sophistication and elegance to the room, making it unique. In the bathrooms, round recessed lighting is used from the Cricket collection.


Mirabel Residence

In Grado (GO, Italy), just a short walk from the sea front, stands the Suite Spa Mirabel, an exclusive residence dedicated to well-being and relaxation: thanks to the painstaking efforts to pick elements that delight the eyes and the senses, any stay here is unique and unforgettable. In addition to this large centre, the complex also comprises the elegant ApartHotel Mirabel, with 7 luxurious apartments offering full facilities.
The rooms are illuminated with exclusive Fabbian lamps from several different collections, all in clear or white crystal and steel fittings. Cubetto hanging lamps and wall lamps are used in the living area and over the bedside tables, Vicky ceiling and hanging lamps are used in the kitchen, Swirl and Flow wall lamps are used in the living room and the dining table is illuminated with Flow and Bijou lamps. The bathroom uses Beluga Colour wall lamps in clear glass. This modern, elegant design goes perfectly well with the soft, sophisticated shades of the furniture and furnishing accessories.


Hotel Plaza in Ljubljana

A sparkling Tile lights up the Plaza Hotel 4-stars in Ljubljana. The project, undertaken by the Arch. Rok Kuhar and Arch. Katjusa Kranjc, consists of a Tile wall as an element of continuity between the lobby of the prestigious hotel and the lounge area at first floor overlooking the entrance.
This Tile composition is higher than 8 meters and is 4.5 meters wide and light sources are hidden in the false ceiling. The whole hotel's design is based on the pattern of the single Tile, which is repeated in the decorations of the ceilings and walls.
Tile becomes the refined and distinctive element of this hotel.

Arch. Rok Kuhar and Arch. Katjusa Kranjc
Ph. Alberto Parise

Inn Hotel Medjugorje

The Inn Hotel Medjugorje (Bosnia-Erzegovina) was completely illuminated by Fabbian collections. The whole illumination of the hotel is based on the alternation of fluorescent and halogen light sources. All the bedrooms, lighted with Led, are enhanced with recessed spotlights of the collections Faretti and Venere. Even in the bathrooms there is an alternation of recessed spotlights Faretti and Venere with black or transparent Cubetto.
The corridors use the recessed fixtures of collection Zen with fluorescent source while the numbered wall lamps Sospesa mark the bedrooms. Zen and Cricket are installed on the stairs and serve as marker too.
The common areas such as the restaurant and the bar see the use of the collections Bijou and Faretti with leds alternated with Zen with energy saving light source. The reception is lighted by a Sospesa with Led. Plano illuminates the kitchen of the hotel.
Outside, in front of the hotel, the transparent Cubetto was installed, while gardens and terraces are lighted and, at the same time, decorated, with Twirl with IP67 and Beluga Alu.


BHR Treviso Hotel

The BHR Treviso Hotel, which lies just outside Treviso (Italy), is an important meeting place for business people and the public in general, thanks to its large interiors designed for holding congresses, gatherings, meetings and events.
The interiors are very spacious starting from the cosy entrance hall with high ceilings and numerous seating areas, in which the Vela floor lamps with LED technology in RGB provide a relaxed feel and colour to the area. Rectangular recessed spotlights from the Plano collection have been installed in the long corridors. In the numerous guest rooms, the Lumi table lamps, Bijou wall lamps and recessed lighting from the Plano, Faretti Lei and Easy collections are functional yet elegant, thanks to the diffusers in white glass and crystal.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Anatolia Hotel

The Hotel Anatolia is situated in Thessaloniki (Greece) in a strategic spot close to the town’s financial centre, shopping and entertainment district. This elegant, well-groomed building offers numerous facilities for relaxation, thanks to a modern Spa, and also for business, with its hi-tech conference room.

The interiors are furnished in a very sophisticated style, and to make the entrance hall more cosy, Fabbian lamps have been chosen. Above the reception desk, numerous recessed spotlights from the Faretti collection have been fitted to provide just the right lighting, and also in the lounge areas, where they create pleasant light effects on the ceiling. In the bedrooms, Cubetto wall lamps create a cosy atmosphere, ensuring that guests have a pleasant, relaxing stay.


Vega Hotel

The Hotel Vega lies in the pleasant little town of Constanța (Romania), close to numerous tourist attractions, making it perfect for a pleasant stay. The building is very well-groomed and cosy, with modern, elegant interiors. Fabbian products are visible from the moment you walk into the entrance hall: the reception desk is illuminated by five black Riccio LED hanging lamps, that give a truly original, modern feel to the reception area.
In the lounge area by the bar counter, a long line of Cubetto ceiling lamps with black crystal diffusers create a warm, pleasant atmosphere, while the entire information area is lit up by simple, elegant recessed lighting in white blown glass from the Mono collection, that also create suggestive lighting effects on the ceiling. Once again, Fabbian lamps are used to guarantee the perfect aesthetic effect thanks to their original, modern design.


L'Adresse Hotel

The Adresse Hotel in Paris is just a short walk from the Champs Elysées and the Palais des Champs-Elysées in Porte Maillot. The extreme elegance and sophistication of this building is visible already from its façade. The very luxurious interiors and tasteful furnishings are enhanced by the Fabbian lamps used in the common areas and guest rooms.
In the entrance hall, to one side of the reception area, wall lamps in black crystal form the Cubetto collection are fitted, while in the alcoves in the lounge areas, recessed lighting from the Faretti Lui collection create pleasant lighting effects on the wall. In the breakfast room, the corner where coffee and food are served is brightly lit by three Cubetto hanging lamps with a black diffuser and three Faretti Lui recessed spotlights. The guest rooms, headboards, bedside tables and TV area are embellished by wall lamps from the collections Bijou LED, Cubetto and Beluga Colour in clear glass.


Elysèe Secret Hotel

The Elysèe Secret Hotel is in Paris, just a short walk from the Champs Elysées and the Arc de Triomphe, a cosy, relaxing place for a trip to the city centre. The interiors are well-groomed and modern, and blend well with the historic and well-preserved elements of the building. The furnishings in the guest rooms is minimalist and modern, and distinguished by pleasant contrasts between the purple furnishing accessories and the white of the walls.
The lighting is provided by hanging lamps from the Diamond&Swirl collection above the bedside tables and in the bathrooms: thanks to the exquisite decoration of the crystal diffuser, they produce pleasant lighting effects on the walls. In the corridors leading to the guest rooms we also find Slot wall lamps.

Arch. Axel Schoenert Architectes Associés
Ph. Luc Boegly

Krasicki Hotel

The four-star Hotel Krasicki, lit up inside by numerous Fabbian lamps, took the International Hotel Award’s prestigious “Best International New Hotel Construction & Design” prize. The hotel Krasicki, which occupies the ancient castle of the Polish city of Lidzbark Warmiński, was designed by Arch. Katarzyna Dzsus. The interior design of this four-star Hotel is a skilful blend of contemporary style and the very special medieval appeal of the ancient building.
The Crio suspension lamps in ebony light up the restaurant of the luxury hotel. The Elle floor lamps cast light on the facing stone in the lobby. While a composition of Tile lamps is protagonist in the meeting room.

Arch. Katarzyna Dzus

Gusmay Resort Hotel

The Gusmay Resort Hotel is the modern restoration of an antique hotel in Peschici (FG, Italy), a pleasant seaside town along the beautiful Apulian coastline. It was designed and built with the precise aim of offering a sober, exclusive and functional hotel with sophisticated design and high-class furnishings and finishes.
This project was of great importance to Fabbian, because it led to the creation of the Clap collection: hanging lamps, wall lamps, table and floor lamps, designed by architect Jacopo della Fontana (D2U) during the renovation of the Resort. This collection is in fact visible in the guest rooms, in which the bedside tables are illuminated by the wall lamps while the living areas in the rooms are lit by the table and floor lamps. recessed spotlights from the Cricket collection with a rating of IP67 are used in the bathrooms, while the shower cubicles are illuminated by Faretti recessed spotlights. This is a clean, sober design that creates relaxing luxury.

Arch. Jacopo della Fontana - D2U
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Al Tezzon Hotel

The Hotel Al Tezzon is in Camposampiero (PD, Italy) is suited to business travellers or anyone who wishes to visit the pleasant, relaxing places surrounding the city. The building dates back to the XVII century and has been converted into a luxury hotel with sophisticated interiors that blend together classic and modern design.
Some of the lighting fixtures were installed by Fabbian: for the dining room the ceiling lamps in the Dune collection were chosen, while recessed spotlights from the Venere collection have been used to illuminate the old stone walls. Venere lamps and wall lamps from the Style collection are used to illuminate the corridors on the upper floors. The relaxing, cosy guest rooms are illuminated by the Bead wall lamps on the wall behind the TV, while the bathrooms are lit by the elegant Sospesa wall lamps.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Urban Hotel Design

The Urban Design Hotel in the historic town centre of Trieste is built over Roman ruins dating back to the first century, and on the inside is a blend of contemporary taste and ancient settings. The lighting installed involved the clever use of ultra-modern LED lamps and lighting fixtures, that succeeded in showing off the materials and colours to their best advantage.
In the entrance hall, next to the large sculpture by Simon Benetton, and above the reception desk, a 3-metre Sospesa lamp has been installed, that was made to measure and according to a nautical design. In contrast with the even light produced by this lamp are the lighting effects produced by the ceiling lamps and recessed spotlights from the Zen collection, in the corridors, while the recessed LED lamps from the Cricket collection enhance the original stone wall and ancient architectural relics. The bar counter is also illuminated with the same high-output LED spotlights, which produce a cold light, which contrasts with the colour of the Motion wall lamp and the four original Dono wall lamps with ‘drinking glass’ diffusers, which create unusual light reflections on the walls. In the guest rooms, all fitted with ultra-modern technology and furnished in a minimalist style to resemble the cabins of a luxury cruise ship, the irregularity of the shapes is enhanced by the asymmetry of the Motion wall lamps above the bedside tables.

Arch. Mauro Olivetti
Ph. Andrea Pancino

Stella d'Italia Hotel

The Hotel Stella d’Italia is a prestigious building in the exquisite Etruscan town of Adria (Ro, Italy), close to the landscapes that form the Natural park of the Po delta. The hotel is distinguished by its liberty façade and sophisticated, cosy interiors, where the original neo-Classic design blend well with modern elements. The rooms are neatly furnished and very comfortable, also thanks to the choice of lighting that has made it possible to create a very relaxing atmosphere.
In the headboards, we find recessed lighting from the Venere collection, that creates pleasant light patterns on the dark walls, while the Sette W wall lamps were designed especially for this hotel and are installed above the bedside tables. The elegance Flow hanging and wall lamps are used to decorate the living area in the guest rooms.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Guarda Golf Hotel

The Hotel Guarda Golf is located at Crans-Montana, the renowned Swiss skiing resort in the heart of the Canton Valais, at an altitude of 1500 m, with wonderful views and an important “Jack Nicklaus” golf course. The hotel is fairly small in size, but distinguished by extreme elegance and attentive and personalised service.
The hotel features an international restaurant, another typically Valais restaurant offering traditional cuisine, a lounge area with large stone fireplace, two meeting rooms, a baby parking facility and a Spa with swimming pool and fitness room.
The Guarda Golf Spa is the showpiece of the hotel. It was designed by the firm Dada Architecture+Design of Arch. Davide D’Agostino. The accent features of the centre were to be the clean lines of the interiors and an atmosphere conveying a widespread feeling of relaxation to favour the psycho-physical well-being of guests. Starting with these inputs, the architect developed a rational layout plan – rational in terms of distribution of the interiors and, above all, rational as regards interior design.
The philosophy of this Spa therefore consists in providing excellence through simplicity: a simple location made with noble materials, to host simple but expert manual skills. A combination that ideally suits the mentality and style of the owners who hope, with this formula, to cater in an alternative way for the needs of the more discerning guests of this wonderful and singular holiday resort. Fabbian has lit up the entire Spa area and most other areas of the hotel with the Cubetto, Sospesa, Faretti, Venere, Beluga Colour, Beluga Steel, Vicky, Cricket, Style, Orbis, and From Gom collections.

Arch. Davide d'Agostino
Ph. Giulio Favotto

i-Suite Hotel

The i-Suite Hotel directly overlooks the promenade in Rimini. The building is a striking piece of architecture, with curvy white walls and superb lighting effects. This hotel was designed by the famous architect, Simone Micheli, and has a highly contemporary — almost futuristic — design, dominated by sinuous lines and bold contrasts.
The interiors are very modern and luxurious. Fabbian contributed to the illumination of this prestigious building with its recessed lamp collections, Cricket and Venere, in the LED versions to save energy and to create coloured lighting effects in RGB. These lamps can be seen in the corridors of the common areas along the full-length glass panels, so they create coloured effects that are also visible from the outside, in the guest rooms and in the Spa Centre.

Arch. Simone Micheli & arch. Giovanni Quadrelli
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Museums and theaters

Exhibition "Altino before Venice"

From the 15th of September to the 1st of November 2017, the San Giovanni Baptistery in Piazza Duomo in Treviso hosted the exhibition Altino before Venice and Fabbian Illuminazione was one of the technical sponsors of the event. The Freeline collection played its part perfectly: the three dimensional modular system made it possible to easily illuminate the display panels. Custom-made compositions were created, which illuminated the panels placed on both sides of the supporting structure, the compositions were anchored onto the structure itself, which allowed for saving space, without having to drill into the walls of the Treviso Baptisery.
Here are the photos of the exhibition, enjoy!

Mariinsky II Theatre

In the heart of St Petersburg (Russia) officially has opened the doors the Mariinsky II Theatre. The Opening Night Gala, conducted by the general director Valery Gergiev, featured Plácido Domingo and the president of Russia Vladimir Putin. The new opera house connect to the historic stage of the Mariinsky Theatre, which opened in 1860, by a planned pedestrian bridge.
Mariinsky II features seven stories and three underground levels, including a main auditorium, a 200-seat rooftop amphitheatre, a third-floor lobby amphitheatre, multiple rehearsal rooms, and production facilities for 2,500 staff.
Sparkling waterfalls of Multispot Beluga light up the huge lobby, whereas a series of Lumi Sfera light up a second concert hall.
The architecture has been edited by Diamond Schmitt Architects (Canada) and the structural engineering study was made by KB Vips of St. Petersburg.

Arch. Studio Diamond Schmitt Architects
Ph. Studio Diamond Schmitt Architects

The exhibition ‘Armenia. Footprints of a Civilisation” - Museo Correr di Venezia

The exhibition ‘Armenia. Footprints of a Civilisation”is perfectly lighted up by Fabbian’s projectors.
The exhibition, designed by the architect Torsello, takes place at Correr Museum until 10 April 2012, and is organised by Gabriella Uluhogian, Boghos Levon Zekiyan and Vartan Karapetian.

This event is part of the V Centenary celebration for the printing of the first book in Armenian in Venice. It winds along a chronological, thematic path leading visitors to over two hundred works including some extremely rare manuscripts and miniatures.
Fabbian contributed to the Venetian exhibition with its Led projectors, Ombra and Orbis, used to light up works on walls and statues, and with a Led spotlight, Venere, used inside display cases.

Its led light, beam pointing flexibility and the fact that lighting can be customised make Ombra a really high quality performance museum projector. And the performance of both Orbis and Venere, the new generation, modern design spotlight with various light sources, is just as satisfying.
Photo by Andrea Melzi

Ming's Exhibition

This is the title of the exhibition that has been set up in Ca dei Carraresi in Treviso (Italy), dedicated to the Chinese Ming dynasty in the golden years between 1368 and 1644. Over three hundred works will be on display at this venue, including golden statues, rare fabrics, furniture, precious jade objects, silk garments, as well as two imperial crowns, unique in their kind, and many other objects.
These hand-crafted objects have been illuminated by numerous lamps from Fabbian: hanging lamps and transparent, track-mounted ceiling lamps from the Beluga Colour, light up the glass display cases containing vases and statues, large and small lamps in dark wood from the Crio collection shed light on the furniture, while black Bijou hanging lamps provide illumination at the reception desk by the entrance. The effect of the wooden model of the Forbidden City of Peking, covering an area of 40 square metres and illuminated by 8 Sospesa lamps measuring 2mx2m.

Arch. Marco Sala, concept Fabrica arch. Alfio Pozzoni
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Inca's Exhibition

This is the title of the exhibition housed by the Museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia (Italy), with numerous works on loan from the greatest museums of Peru. This exhibition aims, above all, to show to advantage the spiritual aspect of the ancient pre-Hispanic civilizations, their relationship with the gods, outer space and time, with reference to the places they considered to be sacred.
The hand-crafted objects on display include statues, ornaments in gold, masks, breast harnesses, anklets, hats and rattles, all priceless. To provide the best type of illumination of these objects and make their details and the precious materials used, Architect Alberto Torsello opted for Venere recessed LED spotlights with a colour temperature of 2700K. This recessed light with the most neutral colour possible ensures that the characteristics of the works on display are not altered.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Matisse's Exhibition

This is the title of the exhibition that will take place from February 11th to June 12th at the Museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia. The exhibition presents 180 works of the French artist, including paintings, drawings, prints and gouache découpées that studies the entire artistic production of his life: from his first works to the invention of the gouaches découpées. The production of Matisse will be analyzed in relation to the work of Michelangelo, the great Italian artist of the sixteenth century.
In particular two of the most important works by Matisse, like the painting entitled Pianist and draughts’ players and the gouache découpée named Veneri will be compared with an original drawing by Michelangelo showing two Venus.
The exhibition is curated by Claudia Beltramo Ceppi and assisted by a scientific committee composed of some leading scholars of Matisse. The art and lighting installation was designed by Arch. Alberto Torsello in collaboration with Maurizio Bernardelli Curuz, artistic director of the Museum of Brescia.
Fabbian and the architect Torsello gained a strong experience in the lighting of important exhibitions, sometimes together, for example in Inca. Origin and Mysteries of gold Civilization, or alone: Fabbian lighted The Secret of the Forbidden City in Treviso while Torsello experienced the exhibitions on Canaletto and Cima da Conegliano.
On the occasion of the Matisse exhibition, they have studied a new product: a museum projector that can satisfy the need for permanent structures such as museums, galleries and picture galleries of a balanced and precise lighting project that can make possible a correct view of the exhibits.
Ombra, unusual for the decorative tradition of Fabbian, is a unique product for his fusion of design research and innovation in LED technology. The project is perfectly suitable for demanding museum and retail applications that require the use of high-performance and low power consumption LEDs, a perfect color and object’s illumination, pointing flexibility beam and accessories able to customize your lighting.
The museum projector Ombra embodies all these characteristics. Through the use of the high color performance LED, Ombra doesn’t offset the color of the illuminated works, allows maximum flexibility with its three-axis pointing to independent points and the "laser pointer". In addition, compared with a traditional lighting system, the use of LEDs allows the cancellation of IR and UV radiation harmful to the works, the possibility to choose the color temperature, a decrease in heat load that reduce problems with air conditioning room, a drastic reduction in lamps’ maintenance due to their long life and cut in energy consumption and thus, indirectly, in the production of CO2.
Thanks to the technological quality of Ombra, Fabbian presents to the market a museum projector studied and designed specifically to this sector. The lighting of the Matisse exhibition is the perfect challenge for this new product.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Giulio Favotto


Nuevo Edificio Noreña (Madrid)

Constructed in 1967, the building is located in the Legazpi district of Madrid.

Great Hills Partners (Boston)

Fabbian is also a tailor-made project, like the tailor-made lighting fixtures created for the recent Great Hill Partners project, a Boston-based finance company specializing in private equity.

CN Training Excellence Center

The Canadian National Railway Company (CN) recently opened a new training centre for employees in the suburbs of Chicago. The building can hold up to 250 CN students who come to Chicago from all over the United States to be trained for all of the main railway jobs. The new CN apprentices and CN staff are welcomed by 13 white Crio lights of varying sizes installed at various heights in the spacious lobby.

Garnett Architects, LLC
Ph. James John Jetel

Confidential financial client

The Illumination Engineering Firm Kugler Ning and Gensler collaborated to combine architecture and light into a single entity for the large headquarters of a financial consultant in New York. The offices spread over seventeen floors and include open plan and private offices, a marketing department, a conference centre, a dining area, and an executive office level. The stylish Lei crystal spotlights were chosen for their bright light and classic design.

Designer: Gensler NY
Lighting Designer: Kugler Ning
Ph. Garrett Rowland

Novi Volvox Company

The Mono-Easy collection was chosen for the Novi Volvox offices for their classic lines and clean distribution of light. Set above the conference table, they illuminate the workspace uniformly. The main desk is dominated by the industrial style Factory suspension light which adds character to the environment. For the staircase, we chose the Multispot Tooby collection which decorates the space with an arrangement of glass positioned at different heights.

Arch. Loreana Design

Real Estate Investment Office

The staircase of the Boston Real Estate Investment has been made even more shinier by a massive Tile wall installed on the first floor ceiling which reaches the ground floor. Even a professional environment such as an office space can become classy and refined, thanks to the right installation and to the right material. The use of a glass banister, along with the large windows, makes the use of Tile in the staircase leading to the relax area just right.

Architect: Visnick & Caufield Architects
Photography: Design Imaging Studios

FedEx Headquarter

FedEx provides a high quality delivery service in more than 220 countries around the world, their reputation is well-known internationally. Also in their headquarters in Dallas (USA) they chose high quality and therefore they chose Fabbian made in Italy products.
The lounge area is lit up by Crio, white aluminium structure and polymethyl methacrylate diffuser. The perfect solution for such a modern and lively office environment.

Architetto: HOK
Fotografo: Michael Robinson Photography

Elco Offices

Fabbian lights up the Elco Offices of Inzago (BG), completely restructured according to a Bluemilano Srl project. All the systems have been revamped and the ceiling systems have been overhauled. The air-conditioning system and Plano light system have been housed in the two plasterboard side strips, the corridor, lower and made of plasterboard, is lit up by Venere spotlights.
The bathrooms have been modernized near the mirrors there are Beluga White and Lumi.

Dolphine Energy Limited

Double crystal walls define the reception of the Abu Dhabi office of Dolphine Energy Limited, a company that has produced natural gas in the Middle East for over 25 years.
The original idea was inspired by the presentation of Tile during the Index exhibition in Dubai in 2011: this sparked the beginning of the working partnership between Fabbian and the international architecture and interior design studio Pringle Brandon Perkins + Will of Dubai.
Two walls of Tile, each one stretching six metres long, define the lobby: 2376 tiles of transparent crystal, interspaced by 48 amber-coloured tiles in turn illuminated by a waterfall of light create an eye-catching area that becomes the focal point of the room.

Arch. Pringle Brandon Perkins+Will

Gruppo Tonazzo Offices

The offices of the Tonazzo Group are situated on the upper floors of a modern skyscraper in the city of Padua. The rooms are very spacious and airy, also thanks to the full-length windows that offer a spectacular view of the city. The sophisticated design of the offices is made-to-measure, and for this reason it was decided to use Tile lamps to create dividing walls in this open-space office environment.
Tile is highly suitable because it fills and defines spaces, reflects the light that arrives from all angles and when lit, uses LED RGB technology to create unique, pleasant atmospheres even during working hours. This project also involved the use of Sky hanging lamps above the meeting room table and numerous white Factory hanging lamps over the single workstations.


GGICO Properties Office - VIP lounge

In the extra-luxurious offices of GGICO Properties in Dubai (U.A.E.) special areas have been created for moments of relax, to be used during working hours or during breaks during important meetings. These areas are very comfortable and cosy, with modern, high-class furniture, large, comfortable sofas and armchairs, filling the large lounge and conversation areas. Tile lamps have been installed in these areas to enhance the ambiance making it even more elegant and luxurious.
These lamps only serve the purpose of providing light but are a unique decoration in their own right.


ITAS Offices

The offices of Itas of Castelfranco Veneto are simple, ordinary spaces arranged to accommodate a large number of employees who work here daily, and customers. The minimalist and anonymous furniture has been enhanced by the lighting chosen. To illuminate all the offices, the open space entrance and corridors, hanging lamps from the Glu collection in white coated aluminium have been used.
Thanks to their sophisticated, futuristic design, they make the spaces more interesting and pleasant and the indirect up-lighting makes it possible create pleasant lighting effects.

Ph. Alberto Parise

Offices of accountants

A firm of chartered accountants in Paris has installed numerous Fabbian lamps to enhance the airy, cosy interiors, furnished in a modern, young style with hints of contemporary art. In the entrance, above the reception desk and in the conference room, we find spotlights from the Plano collection. Cubetto wall lamps with transparent glass have been used along the corridors and the stairways.
Lumi Baka hanging lamps with white frosted glass have been installed above the workstations. In the bathrooms, illumination is provided by white spotlights from the Venere and Faretti Blow collections, and in the internal courtyard on the ground floor, Beluga lamps illuminate the greenery of the trees.


St. Petersburg (Russia) Italian Consulate

The offices of the Italian Consulate in Saint Petersburg (Russia) are housed inside a very important historic building of the city with a sober, elegant style. Fabbian was called on to enhance these spaces and make important events that take place inside this building unique. Ali lamps have been fitted on the wall and Zoè hanging lamps on the ceiling.
The sophisticated style of Clap table lamps has been selected for the desks, while a Vela floor lamp stands in one corner. White is the colour chosen for all the lamps to make the rooms even more sophisticated.

Arch. Paul Zechini

Town hall of Voronezh

The Administrative headquarters of the City of Voronezh in Russia are lit by a series of custom-made Tile lamps. The interior design is the work of the UNK Project study of Moscow, which involved the creation of custom-made Tile lamps (on the ceiling and walls), with inserts in amber-coloured glass and a gold-coloured finish to create a more luxurious style.
Each room is characterised by exquisite materials and finishes, such as highly-prized red marble on the floor and white marble on the walls and classic pillars. Tile lamps do not only fit in perfectly but enhance these interiors, thanks to the fine quality and sparkle of the crystal and gold finishes.

Studio UNK Project

Dada Architecture + Design headquarters

For Dada Architecture + Design poject, Arch. Davide D'Agostino tried out a new distribution and representation concept, unusual for an architecture and design firm. The idea was in fact to create an organization in which the operative and exhibitive components blend together and produce a unitary message.
Substantially, around a central creative core, a “design gallery” is developed in which objects, furnishings, sculptures and complete settings represent and communicate the résumé of the Firm’s design philosophy.
By visiting these spaces, already-acquired and potential clients thus have the chance to come into contact with a new form of communication, that which architect D'Agostino calls “Planning within the Project”. The bottom line is that the clients manage to develop their own projects, stimulated and inspired by the environment in which they find themselves.
Fabbian plays lead role in lighting up this project: notice the white Crio suspension lamp above the PC stations, the rectangular Sospesa lamp above the meeting table, a series of Giunco floor lamps creating a highly suggestive effect in the luxury bathroom setting, the Angle floor lamp and two Elle lamps lighting up the country chic lounge, further enhanced by a Tile lamp. A series of Cubetto suspension lamps light up the corridor and the pictures decorating it. The Cricket spotlights and the Slot light fitting complete the lighting of the large study.

Arch. Davide d'Agostino
Ph. Alessandro Astegiano

Showroom Fantoni Mastruzzi

The showroom of Fantoni Mastruzzi is located in Porto Mantovano (VR, Italy). Here, the company presents the latest trends in office furniture. The colour scheme is neutral with strokes of pastel colours in certain parts of the cabinets. For illumination in the showroom, lamps have been chosen with an elegant, sober, sophisticated, and modern design.
The entrance is quite striking thanks to the three beautiful white hanging lamps in different sizes from the Crio collection, positioned at different heights creating a certain dynamism in the area. In the corners, we find an Elle floor lamp in grey cement and a sophisticated Angle floor lamp in black.

Arch. Paolo Cortivo Ambostudio
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Showroom Eleva Design

The elegant offices of Eleva Design, an avant-garde design studio that deals with the planning and furnishing of offices and interiors, is located in Verona. In these ultra-modern, minimalist spaces, there are several cutting-edge elements that have been designed with working comfort in mind.
The illumination in the corridors is provided by the Mono&Easy recessed spotlights with white glass diffusers, while the workstations and meeting room tables are lit by hanging lamps from the Factory collection in white coated metal.

Arch. Marco Viola
Ph. Giulio Favotto

2Effe Engeneering

The offices of 2Effe Engineering in Brescia (Italy), are a spacious and well organised working environment. The furniture and finishes chosen are modern, in neutral shades with coloured elements that brighten up the ambiance. The lighting project was designed to guarantee the perfect type and amount of light for the office workers.
For the stairways and corridors, long sections of recessed lighting from the Slot and Zen collections were chosen, that also add a touch of dynamism. The conference room has been illuminated using orientable Plano recessed spotlights, which are track-mounted to enable them to be moved around as wished. The meeting room is decorated with the elegance of Sospesa lamps.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Blue Milano (Fantoni Group)

The new Fantoni Showroom is situated in the centre of Milan. It is designed on an advanced concept of the contemporary workspace that goes beyond space, furniture and traditional technology. Fabbian Illuminazione was one of the three partners chosen to participate in the project, and really showed the best it has to offer in technology.
In the entrance hall, on the false ceiling made in sound-absorbent material painted in a shade of natural wood, a sort of bar code has been painted with the Zen Black system, in which alternate blocks of orientable lamps have been installed with halogen QR111 and metal halide light sources. On the remaining part of the ceiling, single, fully recessed lamps with fluorescent light bulbs from the Zen collection have been fitted at regular intervals. In the meeting room, a Cricket hanging lamp is installed above the table, in the white embossed version, while the sound-absorbent wall is bathed by a cascade of recessed LED spotlights from the Cricket collection. On the stairway leading to the lower floor and along the corridor leading to the offices, light is provided by halogen lamps from the Tube collection. The desks are illuminated by elegant, dual emission Factory hanging lamps in shiny white. On the ceiling, also made in sound-absorbent material but painted white, Zen recessed spotlights with fluorescent light bulbs are fitted, and are also used to illuminate the projection room.

Arch. Marco Viola
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Fabris Offices

The offices of Fabris are located in the industrial area of Padua, and consist of spacious, well-furnished interiors that look out from large full-length windows. The modern, simply style of the interiors led to the decision to install Fabbian lamps. In the president’s office, the striking black Angle floor lamp illuminates the crystal-top table, while the meeting room is fitted with two hanging lamps from the Sky collection.
The single workstations are lit by Pulse hanging lamps using LED light bulbs and white lamps from the Factory collection.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

San Giusto Health Clinic

Porto Viro (RO, Italy) is home to the San Giusto Polyclinic, which offers health services in different fields. The structure is very appealing and well-groomed with fine furniture and a modern design. All the corridors and common areas are illuminated with Fabbian lamps. In the entrance, we find numerous orientable spotlights in steel from the Venere collection, which provides optimum illumination thanks to the halogen light bulbs.
Venere is also used in the waiting rooms and lounge areas, and in the stairwell, while the walls are decorated and enhanced by elegant Tetras wall lamps.

Tumiati Engeneering
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Construtora Triunfo

The offices of Construtora Triunfo, an important construction company in Latin America, are located in Curitiba (Brazil). The rooms are sober and cosy, also thanks to the materials and finishes used for the interior design. All lighting fixtures are provided by Fabbian.
The meeting room hanging lamps in white polycarbonate are used to illuminate the meeting room table, while Mega ceiling lamps are used in the entrance hall, waiting room, above the workstations and in the large conference hall. Finally, along the corridors, we find the Bijou wall lamps that create pleasant lighting effects on the walls.


Fabbian Offices

The head offices of Fabbian Illuminazione in Castelminio di Resana (TV, Italy), are constantly decorated with the company’s latest lamp collections. These photos show the beautiful 6-metre wall made with Tile lamps, in which the double row of crystal glass superbly enhances the building entrance. In the corridors, we then find the White recessed spotlights using LED RGB technology, with diffusers in white blown glass.
The meeting room table is illuminated by two Pulse hanging lamps in tempered glass with LED light bulbs.

Arch. Roberto Pamio
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Avv. Gazzola Studio

The head offices of the Gazzola law firm are located in the historic city centre of Castelfranco Veneto (Italy). The setting is very elegant and old, with exposed brickwork, decorated beams and special flooring that add a strong character to these spaces that acquire a sense of importance and royalty. Light plays a very important part because it has to enhance all these valuable elements to the full.
The meeting room is dominated by the elegant slab in glass of the Sospesa collection. The reception desk in the entrance is illuminated by Binario hanging lamps while on the wall, we find dual light Cubetto wall lamps, orientable Beluga Crystal and the Sospesa wall lamp. On the ground floor, the exposed brickwork on the wall is enhanced by the suggestive lighting effects produced by the Dono lamp.

Arch. Aldo Valente

Grafiche Antiga Offices

The new headquarters of Grafiche Antiga are located in Cornuda. The offices have been modernised and furnished in a modern, well-groomed design, dominated by very vibrant colours and high-class materials.
In the entrance hall, the reception desk is illuminated by three square-shaped Sospesa lamps while the double-height ceilings, all the corridors and the waiting room, have been fitted with numerous ceiling lamps from the Luna collection, with diffusers in white glass. The two meeting rooms are fitted with two rows of Zen recessed spotlights with fluorescent light bulbs, Motion ceiling lamps and one Sospesa lamp with a length of two metres. The workstation desks are illuminated by numerous Binario and Sky hanging lamps.

Arch. Marco Ditadi
Ph. Andrea Pancino

Private homes

The Upper Annex

Upper Annex is a private luxury project in Canada: behind the traditional red brick façade, this private residence hides one of the best modernist renovations ever seen in Toronto. The planning and development of the project were entrusted to 3GenDevelopmentGroup and Sauvagesse Studios who chose the Multispot Tooby to illuminate the magnificent master bathroom.

Development Firm: 3Gen Development Group Inc.
Design: Sauvagesse Studios
Ph. Bob Gundu

Cathedral Commons: Tile for the living room

Cathedral Commons, located on Wisconsin Avenue, Northwest of Washington DC, is a luxury destination housing high-end apartments. Cathedral Commons homes are newly-built, with amazing halls, lounge areas and library, gym and courtyards. It is no coincidence that Tile has been chosen to embellish the living area, by creating a small and cosy space within the living room. The glass and the dark wood create a mix of materials and sensations which make the large living room even more classy.

Architect: INTEC Group (formerly JCA)
Interior Designer: Hartman Design Group
Photographer: Jeff Sauers

Chef’s Delight: Tile for the kitchen

Every home is different: this because everyone wants to feel it original, unique and welcoming. This is one of the reasons why people put greater care in furnishing their favourite rooms: bedroom, living room or kitchen! And the kitchen is the true protagonist of this luxurious American home (Georgia, Atlanta), where our Tile lightens up the island and the dining table, embellishing this wonderful space.

Interior Designer: Joel Kelly Design
Photographer: Erica George Dines

Oru Copper for the dining room

For some years now, copper has returned as the star of interior design: ornaments, lighting, finishes and décor were conquered by its character.
We are truly excited that our Oru Copper has been chosen to light up the dining area of this luxury apartment in Park Avenue, NY. An intimate and warm environment, embellished by copper hanging lamps which make the environment even more welcoming and unique.
Oru Copper, with its elegant, exquisite design, is a semi-spherical shade in copper, made in a single piece, burnished on the outside and polished on the inside. The lamp runs on mains power and is suitable for use with halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Architect: Design42
Interior Designer: Studio Mellone
Photographer: Guy Chan

Tile for the private billiard room

The atmosphere in a private billiard room must be elegant and sophisticated, favouring soft but effective light. The private project at Saint Petersburg (Russia) establishes Tile as an important detail in the room: it decorates the walls, creating a soft light around the room, giving the luxury and sophistication that enhance the billiard table.
Installed as both an exclusive wall and as a glass wall light, Tile creates a really striking and extravagant atmosphere, managing as always to captivate modern and classic environments with its versatile and timeless style.

Architectural and Design Bureau PROstyle under the leadership of Arch. Viacheslav Eroshin (SPB)

Tile for the private swimming pool

One of our last private projects in Saint Petersburg (Russia) sees Tile as the undisputed protagonist: in a large swimming pool area, it discretely, elegantly separates the different environments.
Installed as both wall and crystal column, Tile creates a truly romantic, sophisticated atmosphere separating the pool from the more intimate relaxation and hydro-massage areas with a charming, careful result.

Arch. Natalia Yushchieva
Arch. Ekaterina Shebunina

Private Houses with Tile

The following paragraphs present the most beautiful and prestigious lighting installations in homes and villas created with the Tile collection. Tile is not only a lamp but also an architectural element: it is functional and decorative at the same time and creates unique, original settings in which to live, work and rest. Thanks to the material with which it is made, crystal, it adds a touch of class and character.
Tile is a product with a modern design with classic inspiration, suitable for elegant, sophisticated home environments.

Private Houses

In this section, numerous examples are shown of areas of private homes in which lamps from the Fabbian catalogue have been installed. Each ambiance is suitably lit using hanging lamps, table lamps, floor, wall and ceiling lamps in a variety of materials, lamp types and shapes. Fabbian lamps are designed to suit any style, whether modern or classic. They are high quality, made with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated in their design.
They are also furnishing accessories in their own right that adapt well to any kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or patio.


Roofer: new light for the Food Court in Varese (Italy)

The redevelopment of the catering area of the Shopping Centre in Gavirate by the Milanese studio Hit arcHITects has just ended. The goal of increasing the time spent there and attracting potential new customers, led architects to focus on enhancing the exclusive lake view, and creating new perspectives and points of view towards external features. A glass-lined balcony has therefore been created, as well as an outdoor area which has been designed for the warm seasons. The interior furnishings, well-finished and warm, are characterised by the natural tones of the oak wood panelling, the marble of the tables and the Maiolica benches. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing thanks to large islands of green plants and moss-covered walls. To decorate and make this large public space unique, the original Aérostat and white-scaled Roofer cone suspensions were incorporated, a strategic choice to give more character and a touch of sophisticated design to the whole environment.

Design: Hit arcHITects
Ph: Andrea Fongo/Fabio Alzati

NoGlu Restaurant

NoGlu is a chain of gourmet restaurants specialising in gluten-free cuisine. Their tasty dishes are beautifully presented, delicious to eat, and light like clouds… The care and passion that goes into preparing the lunches and dinners is the same as ours in wanting to illuminate the environments to perfection. So, here we are in Paris, eating a delicious meal under a blanket of white clouds, our Cloudy lights!

Designer: Mathieu-Lehanneur
Photography: Michel-Giesbrecht

ArtScience Cafè

Strategically positioned between the prestigious Harvard and MIT universities, Café ArtScience designed by Mathieu Lehanneur opens its doors. Over 1000 m2 to host scientific, intellectual and artistic discussions, Café ArtScience is an hybrid and multi-purpose venue that represents a new equation: Restaurant + Auditorium + Bar + Concept Shop + Art Gallery = Ideas!
Café ArtScience is the missing link between scientific laboratory and literary café, already appealing to scholars, artists, students and investors gathered around the same dishes.The dining area is decorated with 20 suspensions Cloudy creating a very scenic and unique atmosphere.

Arch. Mathieu Lehanneur
Ph. Phase One Photography

Kanji Light Restaurant

Creating the right atmosphere in certain places is the key to their success. Among these places, Kanji Light fusion restaurant required a very special setting. The result was a contemporary location with a colourful twist that creates a dramatic visual effect and an impressive impact.
Our Laminis is perfect in such an innovative and forward-thinking environment: the three glass panels divide the space of the room, enhancing the center of the room itself. It is a great inspiration for all those projects that want to include a scenographic effect.

Arch. Giuseppe Dondoni

Altitude Restaurant

The Altitude Restaurant is located within the luxurious Ana Hotels and Sport Hotel & Spa in Poiana Brasov, in the heart of Romania. The restaurant offers its customers a breathtaking view over the ski resort, however it is mostly acknowledged for the delicious cuisine and the refined setting. Indeed, the Laminis collection was chosen as a decorative lighting element.
Laminis decorates the walls of the restaurants with its elegance, but most importantly its glass tiles let light transpire between the different rooms, creating wider spaces. The golden structure perfectly blends in with the sophisticated details of the restaurant, whereas the different patterns of glass give a dynamic design to the room.

Arch. Daniel Ciocazanu, DOOI Studio

Ristorante Italia

In Saint Petersburg in a young, dynamic part of the city, the small but pleasant Ristorante Italia has been opened. The colours and wooden elements of the furniture create a warm, cosy atmosphere, making it the ideal place in which to while away the hours with friends or family. The lamps chosen to make this restaurant unique are five Roofer hanging lamps in different colours, which illuminate the long row of central tables.
This lamp was designed by Benjamin Hubert. It has an unusual, contemporary design that distinguishes any room in which it is installed. It runs on low-energy light bulbs and the rubber scales are machine-washable.


Tiramisù Restaurant

The Tiramisù Restaurant in the Marina di Venezia camp site in Cavallino, in Venice, Italy, is a superb example of how a simple lamp can become not only a distinctive decorative element, but the main theme of an entire furnishing project. The colour scheme and natural materials used to decorate this restaurant were in fact chosen around the Stick hanging lamp by Matali Crasset.
The proximity to the sea and incontaminated pine forest, together with the warm, natural tones of the furnishings, make this atmosphere relaxing and pleasant, whilst the materials of the Stick lamp the entire setting unique.

Arch. Federico Marzari
Ph. Quasar

Baffito’s bar & Pizzeria

The Roofer lamps are the protagonists of Baffito's Bar&Pizzeria in Cheshire made by the contractor Andy Thornton Ltd.
Baffito’s Bar & Pizzeria is a new 140-cover restaurant in Warrington, Cheshire that serves up classic Italian food in a unique and inviting environment. Roofer pendant lighting are positioned throughout three of Baffito’s areas: the pizzeria, trattoria and garden.
The quirky, urban interior is completed by a combination of grey Roofer pendants, vintage furniture and a checkerboard tiled floor.
Brown line industrial-style benches promoting sociable, group dining in the trattoria. The Roofer brown tiles, wooden table tops and bench seats and quartz terrazzo floor create an earthy, warm atmosphere that captures the spirit of traditional Italian family dining.
While seating booths in the romantic garden bring the outdoors indoors, for an intimate and quirky dining experience.
Here, green Roofer pendants hang over the booths surrounded by bespoke pergolas dressed with potted flower pots and trailing ivy.

Contractor: Andy Thornton Ltd
Ph. Dan Kenyon Photography

La Rocca Restaurant

In Lancashire (United Kingdom), the very unusual and eccentric La Rocca Restaurant has been opened. The building is round in shape, and once you have entered, you find yourself in a large hall characterised by very bright, vibrant colours, decorations and modern furniture. Some of the lamps are by Fabbian. Two long lamps from the Hungry collection hang above the long grand piano, while Class floor lamps decorate the area with the tables near the windows.
Snake ceiling lamps with five lights and an adjustable diffuser provide lighting for the tables with bench seating. On the walls where the wine bottles are kept, we find white Bijou lamps with a crossed lighting effect, and the red wall decorated with paintings is illuminated by the numerous Faretti Lui spotlights with LED RGB fitted on the ceiling. Illumination in the bathrooms is provided by the transparent Cubetto ceiling lamps.

Etage Restaurant

The Etage Restaurant in Krasnogorsk (Russia) is located in a young, vibrant district of the city. The style of the restaurant is modern and well-groomed, with sober yet sophisticated items of furniture, while the cosy, intimate atmosphere is enhanced by the illumination. Sophisticated, elegant Kone hanging lamps are fitted above each table, and make the entire space more sparkly and exquisite thanks to their finish in chrome-plated steel.
The entire restaurant is also fitted with Zen recessed spotlights on the ceiling, with LED RGB, which give a touch of colour and freshness to the ambiance. Fabbian are sophisticated design elements that enhance any space in which they are installed.


San Martino Restaurant

In Rio San Martino (VE, Italy), the architect Alberto Torsello has restored an old building and converted it into a restaurant. The furniture is essential and sober and characterised by pale colours and natural materials, while the numerous curved walls create an overall dynamic atmosphere. The lamps chosen for this project are twin wall lamps, hanging lamps and ceiling lamps from the Beluga White collection, with diffusers in white, shiny blown glass.
The chosen illumination enhances the canteen containing fine bottled wines, giving it a certain charm.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Claudio Carraro

Villa Casena dei Colli Restaurant

The restaurant Villa Casena dei Colli is located in Palermo (Italy), in a renovated XVIII-century building with fine rooms decorated with frescoes, all in perfect condition. The style of the interiors is definitely classic and traditional with a hint of modern design in the chairs, paintings and lamps. The overall appearance is harmonious and suggestive.
Numerous floor lamps from the Kone, Beluga Steel and Bijou collections are placed in the corners of each room, all in chrome-plated steel to make these rooms even more elegant. On the outside, LED spotlights from the Cricket collection have been installed with a rating of IP67.

Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Jadore Sushi Restaurant

The famous Jadore Sushi Restaurant is located by the city walls of Cittadella (PD, Italy). It is composed of two parts: the first, containing the bar and reception area is connected to the second part, the restaurant itself, by a lift. The bar is distinguished by a modern design with bold contrasts and is illuminated by two beautiful, shiny black Riccio hanging lamps with LED and halogen light bulbs above the counter.
The walls are fitted with numerous twin wall lamps from the Cubetto collection, with diffusers in transparent and black crystal, that creative charming, decorative lighting effects on the red and white walls. In the modestly sized restaurant, three Toroidale hanging lamps provide sufficient illumination above the tables, while the walls are fitted with other lamp models from the Cubetto collection.

Ph. Giulio Favotto


Heart and Soul Wellness Center

In the frenetic city of Dubai, you can take time out to relax in the Heart & Soul Spa Centre. The philosophy behind the centre is that of restoring the calming effect of nature, relaxing and creating moments of peace and tranquillity for customers away from the chaos of the city. The interiors are thus well-groomed and cosy, and dominated by a design that creates a feeling of intimacy.
The Mediterranean style is omnipresent, with elements in light-coloured wood, natural stone, neutral, pastel shades and simple, comfortable furniture. At the back of the reception desk there is a long line of Giunco floor lamps that almost simulate a cane thicket as if to convey a sense of balance and relaxation. The Lumi Sfera hanging lamps in different dimensions have been used for the make-up area, while in the hair salon, we find the two sizes of the Diamond hanging lamps and long Slot recessed spotlights.


Guarda Golf Hotel SPA

The prestigious Hotel Guarda Golf in Crans Montana (Switzerland) has a high-class Spa and Well-being area. The centre is distinguished by the formal clean lines of the interiors and an atmosphere that exudes a wide feeling of relaxation to favour the psychophysical well-being of its guests.
With this in mind, Architect Davide D’Agostino developed a rational project for the organisation and distribution of the different areas and, above all, the design of the interiors. The philosophy of this spa thus consists in offering an exquisite experience through simplicity: a simple location created with the finest materials using simple methods yet expertly carried out. Fabbian illuminated the entire spa area. In the massage parlours Cubetto ceiling lamps and Venere recessed spotlights were used. The changing rooms are illuminated with LED Farettispotlights, while Zen recessed spotlights are used in the pool area. The gym is illuminated with Beluga Crystal spotlights while in all the wet rooms and shower areas, light is provided by lamps from the Cricket collection with a rating of IP67.

Arch. Davide d'Agostino
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Hotel&Spa Design 2010

In 2010, Naples hosted an interesting edition of Hotel&Spa Design, an event at which architects and designers made a ‘live’ proposal of the most important areas of an imaginary luxury hotel, such as the entrance hall, the guest rooms and suits, and the restaurant. Also in this case, Fabbian provided the illumination for many projects.
The project ‘Well-being in being’ by Davide d’Agostino used: a large white Crio lamp to illuminate the beds, Beluga Colour, Snake and Tube ceiling lamps were used next to the walls to highlight their texture and create suggestive lighting effects, and three dazzling columns using Tile lamps to add an extra touch of luxury.
In the project named ‘Intertwined places’ by the architectural study of Alberto Apostoli, more technical lamps were used and almost concealed to create pleasant lighting effects and amplify the cosy, warm feel of the room. Here we fine Beluga Colour recessed spotlights and ceiling lamps from the Orbis collection, with the light directed to create ‘cuts’ of light on the walls.
‘The spa of laziness’ by Marco Vismara&Andrea Viganò is a dynamic, colourful ambiance dominated by graphic, geometrical motifs. To illuminate these spaces, Fabbian uses the Beluga Steel and Kone hanging lamps, the orientable Snake wall lamps, numerous Venere recessed spotlights throughout and Diamond hanging lamps.


Wellness Area Grand Hotel Paradiso

The prestigious Grand Hotel Paradiso in Catanzaro Lido (Italy) is ideally located for holidays by the sea. The building has an elegant, classic design suited for creating cosy, luxurious atmospheres. To bring out the best features of the hotel, recessed spotlights from the Venere collection were chosen for all the common areas: in the corridors leading to the guest rooms, in the entrance hall by the reception desk, and in the bar and lounge area.
The guest rooms are lit using the sophistication Vicky and Diamond wall lamps, fitted near the beds to provide lighting over the bedside tables. In the Spa and Well-Being Centre, there are numerous Venere spotlights with RGB illumination to create moments of pure relaxation and tranquillity.


Art Petè Wellness Center

When planning Spa and Well-Being Centres, illumination plays a fundamental role because it effects not only the appearance and safety of the different areas but also the state of mind of the spa guests. To illuminate the Art Petè Wellness Centre, two types of lamp were chosen: Plano, by Studio Futura, an orientable recessed spotlight with a structure in chrome-plated steel, suitable for installation in false ceilings.
Plano is distinguished by the bold, even light it produces, and the project includes many Plano spotlights, distributed along the corridors and in the common areas to provide sufficient lighting in the areas without forsaking the minimalist, clean style that distinguishes the Wellness Centre.
Domina, by Tiziano Maffione, a wall lamp with structure in white, powder-coated cast aluminium. In its simplicity, Domina illuminates the room indirectly, creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that promotes rest, a typically sought-after characteristic for relaxation areas.
The lighting project for the Art Petè Wellness Centre was studied specially to make sure it met all requirements in terms of appearance and functionality.

Arch. Alberto Apostoli
Ph. Luca Morandini

Gym Zero10

The Zero10 Gym is in Padua(Italy), and is dedicated to the physical and spiritual well-being of guests who, after a hard day’s work, can come here to unwind and do physical exercise. The interiors have a well-groomed, cosy design, also thanks to the numerous elements that revoke natural shades and images, such as the wooden flooring and the fine curved wooden beams.
Fabbian lighting fixtures have been used to enhance these pleasant spaces with a touch of fine taste and elegance. The reception area is illuminated by the transparent hanging lamps and wall lamps of the Beluga Colour collection, while the corridors and service areas are delineated by the light of the Cricket recessed spotlights on the floor. In the two large fitness and aerobic rooms, there are numerous Riccio and Toroidale hanging lamps in white polycarbonate.

Arch. Giuseppe Pastrò
Ph. Claudio Carraro

Home&Spa Design 2011

In 2011, Fabbian was chosen to illuminate the spaces of the FuoriSalone in Milan, at the SuperStudio 13 dedicated to the theme of Home&Spa Design spa centres. The finest architects in the sector proposed their ideas to create atmospheres and places in which to offer visitors moments of pure leisure and relaxation. Many Fabbian lamps were chosen for these projects.
In the “Crystal Dreams” interior of the Granese Architecture & Design Studio, a magnificent Tile light was fitted to a white wall, dominated by lush plants, while a black Cubetto ceiling lamp and white vertical Cubetto lamps were installed around the pool. The sofas in the waiting room are illuminated by a cascade of Diamond hanging lamps. Architect Davide D’Agostino of Dada Architecture & Design recreated suggestions of alpine nature, also thanks to the Beluga Steel collection with hanging and wall lamps, the clear Beluga Colour ceiling lamps that illuminate the beautiful antique wooden beams, and the Tube hanging lamps and Beluga Colour recessed spotlights, which exalt the texture on the walls.
In the Space named “Perfect Dualism” by Alberto Apostoli, Architecture & Design has tried to place contrasting elements in a harmonious blend, to create a highly modern and comfortable setting. Recessed spotlights from the Venere collection were chosen, for a great wall lamp - WLC (Wellness Light Collection) - which was designed ad hoc for this space using LED technology in RGB.
Architect Luca Scacchetti designed “The house of stone”, a space dominated by natural, carefully selected materials distinguished by neutral shades and beige. The illumination chosen is classic and elegant. It includes recessed spotlights from the Venere collection and the Faretti collection (Eli, Tondo, and Rombo), and the hanging lamps from the Classici collection, also designed by Architect Scacchetti.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Spa Design 2010

In 2010, in the Tortona district of Milan, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone Home&Spa Design, architects and designers presented their ideas for living areas in the home and Well-Being centres. Fabbian was an important partner for the illumination of numerous different projects.
In the space dedicated to water “The Design of Water” by architect Luca Scacchetti, the movements of the jets of water that flow in the tubs and fountains in light-coloured stone, are exalted by the Cricket spotlights, which are also installed underwater thanks to the rating of IP67, and by the Classici hanging lamps and the spotlights in the Faretti and Zen collections.
In the project named “My Own Spa” by the Studio Svetti of Emanuele Svetti, a space was designed not only for physical well-being but above all the well-being of the soul. The Plano recessed spotlights with oriented light illuminate the pools, while walls made up of Tile lights create a séparé between the corner areas, which then end with Elle floor lamps.
“Tailor Made Home Spa” by Idea Design International Paolo Pardini - Carlo Lapucci represents an area in which the shapes, materials, lights and colours are designed to create a place centred around humans, human sensations and emotions. The oriented recessed spotlights are from the Plano collection, above the bed and table we find the splendid Riccio and Toroidale hanging lamps in glossy white, while the bedside tables are lit with Diamond table lamps.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

H&CO Beauty Store

The superb beauty centre H&CO Beauty Store is located in Porto Viro (RO, Italy), and offers various treatments and beauty products, plus the chance to take part in events. It is very big and well organised and tastefully furnished, with modern and highly practical elements. To provide the best possible illumination for these spaces, Fabbian opted for spotlights to show off the products on display and the various working areas.
In the store, ceiling lamps from the Beluga Colour collection were used, Cubetto wall lamps were used for the mirrors and Venere recessed spotlights were installed to illuminate the product display stands. More technical spotlights were installed in the operating areas, such as Zen, From Gom and Venere, while numerous black Beluga Alu are used to illuminate the large space used specifically for fashion shows.

Arch. Marco Motta
Ph. Giulio Favotto


The GymDay gym is situated in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy), in the shopping area of the town. The building is articulated around a large hall containing the gym equipment, enhanced by beautiful wooden beams: from here, the bathrooms and changing rooms can be reached. The rooms are simple and cosy thanks to the natural colour schemes of the interiors and furnishings.
The lamps chosen have a classic, essential design. For the area containing the gym equipment, large wall lamps from the Tetras collection have been chosen, while long Style wall lamps are used above the mirrors. The corridors are lit by twin fittings of chrome-finished Bijou wall lamps with a double light beam, while the shorter version of Style wall lamps provide light in the changing rooms. Sophisticated spaces and furnishings for leisure and sport.

Arch. Linda Sarai
Ph. Giulio Favotto


Showroom Seventy

The beautiful Seventy Showroom is located in Milan. This large space, designed by the Pamio architectural Studio, is minimalist with very clean lines. The furniture is essential and there are no decorative elements. The Zen lamps used to illuminate the entire store has the twin function of enhancing both the garments and the architecture.
The recessed spotlights use low-energy fluorescent bulbs, and halogen lamps that can be adjusted to direct the light and also create suggestive lighting effects on the walls. In order to enhance the space as much as possible, special luminous strips have also been installed down the pillars that offer the possibility of colour changes.

Arch. Roberto Pamio

A crystal stream in an “iron palace”

A beautiful Tile chandelier is the main feature of the shoe department at the luxury mall Palacio de Hierro in Mexico City. It was conceived so that it resembled a serpentine, developing across the whole length of the store and placed in the centre dividing the space in two halves.

Given the significant dimensions of the chandelier, the distribution of the glasses was designed so that the whole perception would be light and soft. For this reason, all the gaps between the glass Tiles make the chandelier look airy, just like a river of crystal sparkles flowing unevenly across the ceiling.

Skins Cosmetics

A series of custom made Fabbian Tile light up the new Skins Cosmetics Shop in Amsterdam. Skins Cosmetics opened a new shop in the Conservatorium Hotel, the iconic five-star hotel located in the heart of Amsterdam. Four Fabbian Tile ceiling lamps light up this luxury shop, where they sell high level cosmetics with an high-level service.
The Studio Rublek (Amsterdam) has designed very special Tile ceiling lamps, with a balanced equilibrium of empty and full, for a very modern effect, which fits perfectly with the interior design of the luxury shop.
This custom made version of the Tile is light, evanescent and poetic.

Arch. Studio Rublek

Migros Shopping Center

A hundred of Toroidale lamps light up the new shopping center Simplon Center, Migros, in Bris Gliss, Switzerland.
These polyethylene lamps, with diffuser made by a rotational molding process, illuminate and decorate all the common areas of the largest shopping center in the Canton of Valais. They are customized Toroidale lamps, dimmable DALI, lit by compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Arch. Christian Constantin SA

L'Eliseo Shop

The historical and traditional shop "Eliseo" of Caldiero Spa (Verona, Italy) was redesigned by the Arch. Alberto Apostoli. The concept, according to the project, born from the creativity- rationality dualism, and is developed through a sophisticated use of shapes, lights and colors.
Rationality is inherent in the use of square shapes made of crystal and metal; creativity is displayed mainly by three elliptical elements which rise vertically from the floor up to the ceiling, contributing to the division of retail space in three different areas: man, women and young.The LEDs, whose vertical and horizontal light, is used by the Apostles as the real cover material, run along all major lines of the shop and furnishings, transforming the latter into sources of indirect light.
Fabbian contributes to a more technical lighting: the recessed lights of the collection Plano, the light track system Orbis for showcases, the hanging lamps Kone, le applique Tube on the facade and the recessed lights Cricket e Venere.

Arch. Alberto Apostoli

Dr. Battistella Pharmacy

The pharmacy of Dr. Battistella is situated in Pieve di Soligo (TV, Italy), and is lit entirely with lamps produced by Fabbian. The store is reasonably large and well-furnished in a minimalist, simple style. It also has an office and a warehouse. The illumination required uses lamps that provide the best type of illumination for the products on display.
Therefore, the shelving holding the pharmaceutical products are lit with numerous track-mounted ceiling lamps from the Orbis collection with metal halide lamp bulbs. In the office, an elegant Pulse hanging lamp with LED light bulbs and two rows of round and square recessed spotlights of the Venere collection, with halogen bulbs, are installed above the table.

Arch. Studio Andreani
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Capo Serio Shop

The elegant store selling fashion for men and women, Capo Serio, is situated in the quaint seaside town, Cefalù (PA Italy). It has a very classic, cosy style and is tastefully furnished with details in wood and glass. The Fabbian collections chosen to provide the best illumination possible for the garments on sale are Vicky and Book.
The hanging lamps with two and five light sources are positioned above the counters when the garments are looked at together with customers. In addition to providing the perfect illumination, these lamps add a touch of modern sophistication thanks to their chic design and high quality. In the changing rooms, the Vicky wall lamps are used to create a warm, pleasant light. The glass showcases and walls are fitted with twin, track-mounted Book spotlights on the ceiling, with metal halide light bulbs. In addition to providing the best type of illumination, Book also creates pleasant lighting effects on the walls.

Arch. Daniele Amarù
Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Emma Shop

The new store selling casual clothing by Emma in the historic city centre of Padua (Italy), is a place in which modern and traditional styles are combined. The architecture of the premises is clean and minimalist and enhanced by details and furniture in wood, glass and metal. Illumination plays a decisive role, not only by providing the right light to the areas of the store and the garments, but also in enhancing the overall look.
Above the counter, two hanging lamps from the Class collection in black, three Roofer lamps with grey scales and a white Toroidale lamp are fitted. Tube hanging lamps light up the alcoves while the entire store is lit from above with Zen and Cricket recessed spotlights.

Ph. Claudio Carraro

Firas Showroom

The Firas showroom in San Donà di Piave (VE, Italy), is a large exhibition space of tiles for use in the home and bathroom accessories. The store is very airy and the illumination was designed to fill, furnish and enhance the entire space. The lamps used also have the function of showing the textures and characteristics of the various elements in stone, wood and brick presented to customers, to their best advantage.
On the ceiling, we find hanging lamps from the Toroidale, Riccio and Class collections, with silk-screen printed glass, while floor lamps from the Dune and Elle collections are placed close to the fireplaces. The walls are fitted with lamps from the Dune and Ali collections and above, illumination is provided by Venere recessed spotlights in steel.

Ph. Claudio Carraro

Marchese Ragona Shop

The lingerie store, Marchese Ragona, is situated in Canicatti (AG, Italy). The store is very spacious and pleasant, and the products are elegantly presented with the right illumination. The furniture is sober and modern with hints of red on the sofa seats.
The entire store is distinguished by a track lighting system, made up of numerous Orbis spotlights in steel on the ceiling, that can be oriented as wished, and Beluga Colour lamps with red diffusers to the side of the display cases. All lamps are fitted with metal halide light bulbs, which produce a neutral light that is ideal for showing the colours of the garments on display to their best advantage.

Arch. Daniele Amarù
Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Le Floe Shop

The elegant store of men's clothing, Le Floe, is located in Greece. The store is cosy and well-groomed in the choice of furniture, with a mixture of modern and classic styles.
The items chosen for illumination include: track-mounted Orbis spotlights in steel, several Plano recessed spotlights placed here and there, both using metal halide light bulbs and both orientable, in order to show the colours and materials of the garments to their best advantage; further lighting is provided by square Zen spotlights with fluorescent light bulbs on the ceiling. On the outside, Jazz wall lamps are used to create suggestive lighting patterns on the wall.

Castello Uomo Shop

The elegant store of men's’ clothing, Castello Uomo, is located in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy). The store is distinguished by its very classic style in natural, pastel shades, with more modern elements such as the iron beams and pillars and the glass used for the furniture and stairs.
The entire space is illuminated by numerous ceiling lamps and recessed spotlights, with one, four and six lights from the Beluga Crystal and Beluga Colour collections. Thanks to the halogen and metal halide light bulbs used in these lamps, they create many striking, suggestive lighting effects that enhance and decorate the store itself and the items on display superbly.

Arch. Linda Sarai & arch. Silvia Moro

L'incontro Shop

The L’Incontro store, in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy), sells luxurious garments by top brands. The store has been fitted with lamps from the elegant and exquisite Class lamp collection. The glass showcases are lit with the cubic black hanging lamps, while the entrance is enhanced by floor lamps with the same finish.
The final effect is striking and the light reflected on the Swarovski glass creates suggestive lighting effects that seem to decorate the walls. Fabbian produces lamps with sophisticated, exquisite designs that not only provide light but above all create emotions.


Le Numerò Shop

The Le Numerò store in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy) is very modern and youthful in style and sells clothing, shoes and bags. The furniture is simple but fresh and characterised by bold colours and mirrors that make the best of and fill the space available. The illumination of the entire store is provided by lamps from the Zen collection: three long rows of recessed spotlights shed light on the clothes and accessories, exalting their materials and colours.
These light fittings use fluorescent and halogen bulbs, and can be directed as wished also to create light patterns on the walls.

Arch. Patrizia Cappellini

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