Mathieu Lehanneur

A graduate from the French National School of Industrial Design in 2001, in that same year, Mathieu Lehanneur set up his firm dedicated to industrial and interior design. He soon developed a real passion for interaction between the body and the environment, living systems and the scientific world.
Mathieu Lehanneur explores simple design, making reference more to natural history than to the history of design. For him, the user is first of all a body, a place of chemical exchange, the physiology of which must be cared for in order to cater to his/her requirements, desires or emotions. He explores the natural and technical possibilities which enable him to produce objects that are functional and, at the same time, have a touch of magic.


2011 Etoile de l'Observeur du Design
2010 Lauréat "Dialogues 2010", Liliane Bettencourt Prize
2010 First Prize, International contemporary ceramics Biennial
2010 Créateur de l’Année, Now ! Maison & Objets
2008 Best Invention Award, Popular Science
2007 Talent du Luxe
2007 Oscar de l’emballage (Pack Eau d’Issey)
2006 Grand Prix de la Création, Paris
2006 VIA « Carte Blanche »

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