Aérostat F27

Guillaume Delvigne

The young designer Guillaume Delvigne is the talented creator of this collection of decorative lamps made out of shiny white blown glass. For Delvigne the inspiration came from the principle of the Aerostat, to make an object that is lighter than air. With this in mind, he conceive a lamp as a luminous object that is so light it can lift itself off the ground. Although the table and floor lamps have a metallic base that resembles a cage, they still seem to reach out into the space above them, in the same way that the ceiling lamps, with a metallic base, reach out below. The sheer elegance and simplicity of these lamps make them suitable for any setting.

The Aérostat collection is composed of indoors hanging, table and floor lamps. Hanging and table lamps are available in two diffuser sizes with a metal cage acting as support, while the floor lamp is available in one size only. All diffusers are in shiny white blown glass whereas the metal cages are in brass, black chrome and copper finish, all shiny. Electrification on main voltage for LED bulbs.
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