Tiziano Maffione

He was born in Montebelluna in 1982. Being fascinated by peculiar and creative objects and in order to realize his passion, in 2002 he decides to attend “Industrial Design” at Treviso-Venice University. He graduates with excellent/full grades in 2005 and after a short period of collaboration with an important design and communication agency, he decides to continue his studies and attend a postgraduate course in “Product design”. In his years of experience, he had the chance to be acquainted with some of the major designers and architects in Italy: Tobia Scarpa, Marco Zito, Marco Ferreri, Odoardo Fioravanti, Alberto Meda, Aldo Cibic, Artemio Croatto, Paolo Lo mazzi, Franco Clivio e Alberto Bassi. From them he learnt as much as he could, ranging from Design History to photography, from design to semiotica, from the colour theory to the researches on materials and production techniques. He took part in numerous design, graphics and photography competitions and in some famous workshops. Among all, we shall mention the one at ENSCI in Paris in 2007 “Getting around Paris”. In the same year, an interesting collaboration with Fabbian Illuminazione permitted him to meet the real world of industrial planning. He exhibited some of his projects in various events:
2007_ Fiera Ecomondo in Rimini with the “Skiwalker” project for “Area”.
2007_ Abitare il Tempo di Verona, Design Roma and Hong Kong Inno Design Tech Expo with the “Energy_kit” project for the touring exhibition “Energia delle Idee”.
2008_ Biennale di Architettura di Venezia for the “Made in IUAV” exhibition “L’università del design fra ricerca e progetto” at Arsenale Novissimo Spazio Thetis.
He is currently spending his time between the preparation of the final university examination and small freelance projects of graphics and design.

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