Lens F46

Lucie Koldova

Inspired by a lens that concentrates and veers sunlight, Lens captures the light, filters it, and then releases it anew into the environment. The irregular lens surface décor allows the light to be propagated creating light and shadow effects on the elements below. The surrounding environment, hit by these new hues, blends together with the light source, creating a pleasant decorative effect. The 3-group lenses assemblies call to mind the cosmic and the terrestrial elements, where the light abridges these two spheres. The Lens collection comprises two types of handing lamps. The single version, comprising a LED spotlight which reflects the light on one metal lens, and the multiple version, comprising a 3-LED spotlight which reflects the light on three intertwined metal lenses. The metal discs are brass, copper and black iron coloured, through an artisanal process which makes each lens finish unique.
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