Pivot F39

Vittorio Massimo

Just as grass blades grow, firmly anchored down but still free to move in the direction of the wind, with a bending and turning movement, the Pivot lamp follows this theory, and has a solid base with four vertical elements that are flexible and allow the creation of infinite lighting facets. The lamp therefore produces a “rectangle” shape that projects an indirect, but dynamic illumination on the wall. Pivot is of minimalist design, and can to be pointed in the desired direction where needed.

The Pivot collection is made up of a floor lamp, three wall/ceiling appliques in various sizes, plus one hanging lamp. All lengths can be customized upon request. Designed for indoor use, Pivot collection lamps are available in white, dark grey or light grey coated aluminum or in anodized bronze. Two accessories, in anodized aluminum and anodized bronze, now make it possible to arrange two or three hanging fixtures in a series. For the floor lamp, which has a built-in dimmer switch, and for the hanging lamp, the energy voltage is LED, while for the wall/ceiling lamp, the energy voltage is low (24V dc, LED) and comes with a remote power pack.
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