Nicola Gardin-Roger Zanon

Collaboration between these two architects, Nicola Gardin and Roger Zanon began during the 80’s throughout design competitions as the Gunnar, Lisson Awards. Nicola Architechture&tDesign studio/study, founded in 1996, started to realize fashionable interiors for the smartest clubs in Italy (in Lignano, Trento, Monfalcone, Milano, Treviso); then realized for the first time a church’s interior in Shiroki Brijeg, Bosnia Erzegovina, which is now going to be enlarged.
While they were studying architecture at the Venice University they created “Architectional”, a movement whose aim was to get a deeper insight and a new understandment of Internationalism; Architectional was often supported by the University and Reasearch ministry, Veneto Region, the Cultural Association “Venice provincial council”, Architects National Order, Japan Foundation. During the same years, they also organized summits in collaboration with “Sds” and the international review “Casabella”; to these events have taken part wordly famous architects as Arata Isokazi, Toyo Ito, Makio Hasuike, Shigeru Ban, Kazuyo Sejima, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, Mansilla et Tunon, Alfreso Paya, Peter Eisenman, Daniele Bedini. Together with the last one, who’s been working on the International Space Station interiors for ESA and is therefore known as “space architect”, they presented in their “2004 International Mars Station tesis”, a project about a pneumatic swelling(?) structure which could make life possible on extremly inhospitable place, and specifically on Mars.
After this project they’ ve been working together with Gaetano Pesce more than once in order to realize the “Berti Veliero” for the “Arte and Architettura” exposition in Genova in 2004 (attended by Germano Celant) and for “Veronafiere” an artistic exhibition during 2005; among other experiences deserved to be undelined their collaboration during the 2000 Biennale in order to realize Shigeru Ban “Paperloghouse” installation; the organization of “Cittadella della logistica” , a competition promoted by the Padua Interporto society, their collaboration with Scatola and Boris Podrecca Studio in order to realize the new Trial court in Bassano del Grappa (vicenza). They are currently working on projects for Dubai, Jeddah and Il Cairo; and on design projects in Italy, with firms internationally known as committed to work following the most advanced innovations and and engaged in a never-stopping research for technical improvement.

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