Gian Paolo Canova

Gian Paolo Canova is Venetian. After the Art School and his early architecture degree, he works in Rome, opening then also an associated activity in Venice.
His first design project is the emblem of a new era, a sample of chandelier that he entitles "San Basilio", realized with the precious Murano glass. This product gets proposed to Euroluce in Milano city, earning right away the cover of the prestigious design magazine Casa Vogue.
Since than, design plays a very important role on his business and the chandelier becomes a fundamental subject to a whole research of language, emotion and technology. He considers beauty a higher form of energy. His aim is to overcome the concept of "fashion" to produce something that for sure is going to last over time and actually achieves the attempt of bringing together the tidy rationality with human contradictory and impetuous feelings.
He continues his architecture and design activities working also in constructions and technical and artistic advice to companies.

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