Giunco F14

Marc Sadler

This collection is inspired by nature, the observation of the lightness and elegance of elements such as a green meadow or bull-rushes dancing in the wind. When sketching this idea, Marc Sadler conveyed the simple yet strong graphic elements which became an essential part of the design. The technical side of the project aimed at creating a final product which a modular shape. By taking inspiration from the way in which these elements are often grouped together in nature, the aim was to allow the creation, for example, of the atmosphere of an elegant Zen garden by grouping together several of the floor lamps, in the home or in the reception area of a spa centre. The collection is made up of one floor lamp model and two ceiling lamps, for indoor and outdoor use. The stalks, which act as diffusers, are made in white plastic reinforced with fibreglass, with a light source at the end. The metallic white base is spray-painted. The lamp runs on mains voltage with a double LED lighting system (24Vdc), fitted with a separate switch.
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