Zagato is a world renowed Atelier as it is an expression of italian excellence in the creation of exclusive motor cars in extremely limited production runs: from 9 to 99 units.
An Atelier in the third Millenium must be able to reconcile time honored workshop expertise, acquired over almost 90 years of coachbuilding for the most prestigious car manufactures, with state of the art design and development technologies.
This vocation has earned the brand major accolades for "design coherence in a functional key" which, since 1919, has defined its history (such as, among others, two Compasso d'Oro awards for design in 1960 and 2000).
Today the Atelier presents itself as a modern Design Center specialising in transportation and product design for all those companies working in Lombardy region and those foreign companies that regard Italy and Milan as a point of reference in the design and styling sector.
Our strengths, together with the rich Zagato heritage and a brand enjoying world-wide recognition, are the dynamism and comprehensiveness of the service we offer, permitting us to move swiftly into the creation of the finished product.
Confidentiality and discretion underlie the relationship of mutual trust binding us to our clients.
For Andrea Zagato “each project as a new challenge in which the diverse phases of the in-house productive cycle, from the initial idea through to the end product, are fully co-ordinated, integrating one another in a flexible way. This strategy is available not only for the Atelier coupè sport cars but also for “DESIGNZAGATO”, company's branch that creates design for industrial product sector.”
For Marella Rivolta “thanks to the DESIGNZAGATO division, the élite excellence of a studio automotive design can be transferred to a more accessible and diversified context.”
Passion for design and de luxe craftsmanship, purity of form and attention to detail are accompanied by a diligent focus on the future and on technological innovation.
A tangible example is the meeting of two luxury brands, Zagato and Fabbian, famous for its top-of-the-range lighting products. The Fabbian company's policy has always been to link up with innovative designers but who also have a significant past history, hence the venture with Zagato.

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