Fabbian presents two new products: Enck and Quadriled

Fabbian presents two new products: Enck and Quadriled

Fabbian at Light+Building presents two new products: Enck and Quadriled.

Enck, a ring of light

Elegant, refined and slim, Enck is the new die-cast aluminium lamp, upshot of the creativity of designer Francesco Lucchese. Enck is based on the idea of light filtering through a slim, almost imperceptible structure. The shape is round, inspired by nature. The structure consists of two slot-in shells and is based on the idea of a sea-shell.
Enck is available in 3 colours: matt white, polished chrome, dull gold.

The quick-coupling to the base has been designed for utmost ease of assembly and maintenance. Only a slight pressure is required to detach the lamp from the wall-mounted bracket for easy cleaning and to facilitate any wall-painting requirements.
Bracket versatility also allows either wall or ceiling mounting; ideal for all lighting and furnishing requirements.

For more information, please read the technical data sheet of Enck

Quadriled, the magic of LED joins forces

This Marc Sadler lamp is finely finished and manufactured, and once and for all eliminates any prejudice concerning the presumed coldness of LED lights. The faceted transparent module combines a taste for Murano glass with the very latest polymer machining techniques. This light is made from transparent polycarbonate, available in four different colours: clear, with amber profiles, red or blue. Any colour touches around the edges do not change the intensity and quality of the light, which remains warm and enveloping.

Quadriled is available in recessed version with polished aluminium structure and in ceiling version with visible grey-painted structure. This light has been designed for easy installation, whether recessed or wall/ceiling mounted. It also provides top energy-saving performance thanks to 36 LED lights with excellent luminous efficacy and a consumption of just 15W.
The light fitting features integrated supply unit, while the recessed version requires a separate supply unit. This makes it possible to use several Quadriled lights together with a single supply unit, to stylishly light up a corridor or large room.

For more information, please read the technical data sheet of Quadriled

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