Roofer pendants decorate a Bar & Pizzeria in UK

Roofer pendants decorate a Bar & Pizzeria in UK

Baffito’s Bar & Pizzeria is a new 140-cover restaurant in Warrington, Cheshire that serves up classic Italian food in a unique and inviting environment.

Fabbian Roofer pendant lighting sourced by Andy Thornton are positioned throughout three of Baffito’s areas: the pizzeria, trattoria and garden. The project’s contractor Dawnvale specified the lamps shades, which come complete with diffuser. The quirky, urban interior is completed by a combination of grey Roofer pendants, vintage furniture and a checkerboard tiled floor.

Brown line industrial-style benches promoting sociable, group dining in the trattoria. The Roofer brown tiles, wooden table tops and bench seats and quartz terrazzo floor create an earthy, warm atmosphere that captures the spirit of traditional Italian family dining.

While seating booths in the romantic garden bring the outdoors indoors, for an intimate and quirky dining experience.

Here, green Roofer pendants hang over the booths surrounded by bespoke pergolas dressed with potted flower pots and trailing ivy.

Images © Dan Kenyon Photography

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