Restoration of Castel Thun (Trento) chandeliers

Restoration of Castel Thun (Trento) chandeliers

Restoration has recently terminated of Castel Thun, a stately home located in the municipality of Ton (TN), which now belongs to the province of Trento, but is managed by the Castle of the Buonconsiglio. The building, which dates back to the early-mid 13th century, currently has a design of Renaissance origin and is considered an interesting example of Trentino castle architecture. It contains a wealth of furnishings and decorations, thanks inter alia to its excellent state of preservation.

Fabbian was contacted to restore the lighting fixtures, an operation performed by a skilled restorer under the supervision of the Department of Architectural Assets of Trento.
Besides this, the company also designed supplementary lighting using some of its catalogue products: Ali Led and halide stand, special-design Style wall lights, Orbis with halide lamps and Leds.
With this project, Fabbian once again showed great flexibility and business skill.

62 chandeliers were involved, light fixtures of different periods and types, which can be split into the following categories:
- “Maria Theresa Style” chandeliers, the most attractive and largest (diameter 100-120 cm), from Bohemia and dating back to the 19th century. These, like most of the castle’s chandeliers, were initially used as candle-holders and then, in 1920-1930 they were electrified and placed in the representation hall.
- “Murano Style” chandeliers (2 specimens), the most decorative thanks to flower and natural glass elements, of Venetian design.
- “Strass baskets”, chandeliers with Bohemia crystal glass chains, probably made between the late 19th and early 20th centuries and located in the master bedrooms.
- Solid-brass casting chandeliers, located in the playrooms.
- Wrought-iron chandelier (1 specimen)
- 19th- century “Empire Style” chandeliers made in Germany.
- 19th-century lanterns similar to those located under church arches, initially oil or candle lit and then electrified, used for secondary and service areas.
- “Window lanterns”, these too electrified in the early 20th century.
- Brass wall lights
- Chandeliers with metal and blown-glass structure, of more recent design (1930-40).

The materials involved were therefore natural brass, gilded brass, iron and crystal glass with structures in tin-plated iron, most made in Bohemia and excellently finished.

All the chandeliers were dismantled into their individual parts. The glass was cleaned and degreased using a specific surface-active agent. The metals were brushed, cleaned and suitably protected.
The chandeliers were electrically restored and wired to standard, while maintaining the original light-holders.
Finally, the chandeliers were re-assembled, according to the photographic campaign carried out initially for each individual piece, and then tested in terms of electrical operation.

After restoration, heat tests were performed on all the restored pieces.

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