Metro F49

Wall and ceiling lamp

This collection includes wall and ceiling fixtures for interiors. With a stainless-steel finish, the metal strip comes in 6m and 12m lengths. The LED light source, placed along the entire strip, evenly illuminates the room and, when necessary, can be set up to create direct or indirect light. An important characteristic, the joints on the ends of the lighting fixture make it possible for the strip to be arranged diagonally or even curved, thanks to a special accessory.

Metal strip inserted inside a tubular

  • 6m - 3000K

    F49 G21 35

  • 6m - 2700K

    F49 G22 35

Metal strip

  • 6m - 3000K

    F49 G01 35

  • 6m - 2700K

    F49 G02 35

  • 12m - 3000K

    F49 G03 35

  • 12m - 2700K

    F49 G04 35

Wall attachments


Canopy with driver





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