Freeline F44

Flynn Talbot


The Freeline collection is a very innovative and functional system that allows great flexibility in terms of lighting design in architectural projects. Indeed, the lighting fixtures can also be placed in different positions over time, giving a brand new look to the whole system. The lights are LED and the structure is in black aluminum. The lighting fixtures are three: a white blown glass sphere, a spotlight and a reflector light. Freeline is a modular system that can add a unique touch to both commercial and private spaces.

Spot light

  • Cable 400cm

    F44 L01 02

  • Cable 1000cm

    F44 L02 02

Direct light

  • Cable 400cm

    F44 L11 02

  • Cable 1000cm

    F44 L12 02

Diffuse light

  • Cable 400cm

    F44 L21 02

  • Cable 1000cm

    F44 L22 02





  • Fastening joints

    F44 Z01 02

  • Power plug with switch

    F44 Z03 02

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