Tripla F41

D.Busato & G.Ciccarese

Recessed downlight

The Tripla recessed lamp is a striking lighting fixture thanks to the pleasant light effects that it creates on the ceiling. Suitable for any type of public space or the home, recommended for the bathroom and the hallway and to emphasize the living area of the home or the office.

  • Chrome - 3000K

    F41 F01 11

  • Chrome - 2700K

    F41 F02 11

  • Anthracite - 3000K

    F41 F01 21

  • Anthracite - 2700K

    F41 F02 21

  • Bronze - 3000K

    F41 F01 76

  • Bronze - 2700K

    F41 F02 76


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