Pivot F39

Vittorio Massimo

Pendant lamp

The Pivot pendant lamp is a minimal and very refined symbol of light. The LED light evenly illuminates the environment and is perfect for the lighting requirements of the workplace. At home, it can be installed over the dining room table or over the kitchen island. Moreover, it can be adjusted towards the ceiling or towards the floor, thanks to the rotating structure.

  • White - 3000K

    F39 A01 01

  • White - 2700K

    F39 A02 01

  • Anthracite - 3000K

    F39 A01 21

  • Anthracite - 2700K

    F39 A02 21

  • Light grey - 3000K

    F39 A01 75

  • Light grey - 2700K

    F39 A02 75

  • Bronze - 3000K

    F39 A01 76

  • Bronze - 2700K

    F39 A02 76


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