F07 Lumi – Mycena: new compositions

F07 Lumi – Mycena: new compositions

New compositional ideas for the collection Lumi.
Four new composition with blown glass have been recently designed for F07 Lumi largest collection. The three wall and ceiling forms Mycena can be combined together to create original and decorative lighting effects.
By purchasing three forms, different or the same, and the panel the following groups con be composed:

- F07 PMG (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1701+ F07G1901)
- F07 PMM (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1701+ F07G1701)
- F07 PPM (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1501+ F07G1701)
- F07 PPP (F07Z0101+F07G1501+F07G1501+ F07G1501

To see the specification of the compositions go to the section products or download the pdf.

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