Beluga Royal D57

Marc Sadler

The pendant lamps Beluga Royal are design elements of great elegance and luxury thanks to the special colour of the glasses and the reflections created by the combination of light and metallized finishings. They can be placed in a living room or in public spaces where they can create a breathtaking effect when used in a cluster.


  • Gold - E14

    D57 A57 12

  • Titanium - E14

    D57 A57 34

  • Bronze - E14

    D57 A57 41


  • Gold - E27

    D57 A59 12

  • Titanium - E27

    D57 A59 34

  • Bronze - E27

    D57 A59 41


  • Gold - E27

    D57 A61 12

  • Titanium - E27

    D57 A61 34

  • Bronze - E27

    D57 A61 41

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