L’Eliseo – the light creates form

L’Eliseo – the light creates form

Another area revived with a new light: the historical and traditional shop "Eliseo" of Caldiero Spa (Verona, Italy) redesigned by the Arch. Alberto Apostoli.
The concept, according to the project, born from the creativity- rationality dualism, and is developed through a sophisticated use of shapes, lights and colors. Rationality is inherent in the use of square shapes made of crystal and metal; creativity is displayed mainly by three elliptical elements which rise vertically from the floor up to the ceiling, contributing to the division of retail space in three different areas: man, women and young.
The LEDs, whose vertical and horizontal light, is used by the Apostles as the real cover material, run along all major lines of the shop and furnishings, transforming the latter into sources of indirect light.

Fabbian contributes to a more technical lighting: the recessed lights of the collection Plano,the light track system Orbis for showcases, the hanging lamps Kone, le applique Tube on the facade and the recessed lights Cricket e Venere.

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