Art Petè Wellness Center

When planning Spa and Well-Being Centres, illumination plays a fundamental role because it effects not only the appearance and safety of the different areas but also the state of mind of the spa guests. To illuminate the Art Petè Wellness Centre, two types of lamp were chosen: Plano, by Studio Futura, an orientable recessed spotlight with a structure in chrome-plated steel, suitable for installation in false ceilings.
Plano is distinguished by the bold, even light it produces, and the project includes many Plano spotlights, distributed along the corridors and in the common areas to provide sufficient lighting in the areas without forsaking the minimalist, clean style that distinguishes the Wellness Centre.
Domina, by Tiziano Maffione, a wall lamp with structure in white, powder-coated cast aluminium. In its simplicity, Domina illuminates the room indirectly, creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that promotes rest, a typically sought-after characteristic for relaxation areas.
The lighting project for the Art Petè Wellness Centre was studied specially to make sure it met all requirements in terms of appearance and functionality.

Arch. Alberto Apostoli
Ph. Luca Morandini

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