Inca's Exhibition

This is the title of the exhibition housed by the Museum of Santa Giulia in Brescia (Italy), with numerous works on loan from the greatest museums of Peru. This exhibition aims, above all, to show to advantage the spiritual aspect of the ancient pre-Hispanic civilizations, their relationship with the gods, outer space and time, with reference to the places they considered to be sacred.
The hand-crafted objects on display include statues, ornaments in gold, masks, breast harnesses, anklets, hats and rattles, all priceless. To provide the best type of illumination of these objects and make their details and the precious materials used, Architect Alberto Torsello opted for Venere recessed LED spotlights with a colour temperature of 2700K. This recessed light with the most neutral colour possible ensures that the characteristics of the works on display are not altered.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Giulio Favotto

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