Capo Serio Shop

The elegant store selling fashion for men and women, Capo Serio, is situated in the quaint seaside town, Cefalù (PA Italy). It has a very classic, cosy style and is tastefully furnished with details in wood and glass. The Fabbian collections chosen to provide the best illumination possible for the garments on sale are Vicky and Book.
The hanging lamps with two and five light sources are positioned above the counters when the garments are looked at together with customers. In addition to providing the perfect illumination, these lamps add a touch of modern sophistication thanks to their chic design and high quality. In the changing rooms, the Vicky wall lamps are used to create a warm, pleasant light. The glass showcases and walls are fitted with twin, track-mounted Book spotlights on the ceiling, with metal halide light bulbs. In addition to providing the best type of illumination, Book also creates pleasant lighting effects on the walls.

Arch. Daniele Amarù
Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

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