Nuevo Edificio Noreña (Madrid)

Constructed in 1967, the building is located in the Legazpi district of Madrid.
The area has undergone extensive redevelopment in recent years. Where there were once industrial buildings, today there is a residential district with numerous amenities and green spaces, due to its proximity to the Matadero cultural centre and the Madrid-Río city park.

Olympic is a collection of round, white, coated aluminum pendants and wall and ceiling lights. The LED light source is located on the outer ring, which is available in different diameters for all versions, creating direct and indirect light diffusion.

The choice of materials aims to create a dialogue with the building's surroundings and its history. On the one hand, the steel used for the lattice and the facade frames evokes the industrial past and lends assurance and durability. On the other, the ventilated Accoya wood facade seeks continuity with the sustainable architecture and urban planning which is extending along the Madrid-Río park area. Accoya wood provides additional warmth to the complex while ensuring durability and dimensional stability, with maximum levels of energy efficiency and sustainability.
Entering the building, the wood follows us in the form of cladding in the atrium, adding fluidity to the transition between exterior and interior.

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