Jeravy II Hotel

The Hotel Jeravy II is situated in Primorsko, a seaside town in the south-east of Bulgaria. The building extends widthways and has very spacious, airy rooms. It has a minimalist, simple style and uses relaxing pastel shades to blend in with the sea environment. In the attractive entrance hall, Fabbian lamps are fitted over the reception desk.
The Riccio hanging lamps do not merely illuminate the reception area, but are a decoration in their own right, adding a pleasant feel to the area with their unusual, contemporary design.
A little further from the entrance, in the lounge areas, a number of Toroidale hanging lamps fill the space with a touch of cosy elegance. In the large dining room, we find the same hanging lamps that are used to enhance and create a sense of uniformity to the entire hotel.


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