Heart and Soul Wellness Center

In the frenetic city of Dubai, you can take time out to relax in the Heart & Soul Spa Centre. The philosophy behind the centre is that of restoring the calming effect of nature, relaxing and creating moments of peace and tranquillity for customers away from the chaos of the city. The interiors are thus well-groomed and cosy, and dominated by a design that creates a feeling of intimacy.
The Mediterranean style is omnipresent, with elements in light-coloured wood, natural stone, neutral, pastel shades and simple, comfortable furniture. At the back of the reception desk there is a long line of Giunco floor lamps that almost simulate a cane thicket as if to convey a sense of balance and relaxation. The Lumi Sfera hanging lamps in different dimensions have been used for the make-up area, while in the hair salon, we find the two sizes of the Diamond hanging lamps and long Slot recessed spotlights.


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