Vega Hotel

The Hotel Vega lies in the pleasant little town of Constanța (Romania), close to numerous tourist attractions, making it perfect for a pleasant stay. The building is very well-groomed and cosy, with modern, elegant interiors. Fabbian products are visible from the moment you walk into the entrance hall: the reception desk is illuminated by five black Riccio LED hanging lamps, that give a truly original, modern feel to the reception area.
In the lounge area by the bar counter, a long line of Cubetto ceiling lamps with black crystal diffusers create a warm, pleasant atmosphere, while the entire information area is lit up by simple, elegant recessed lighting in white blown glass from the Mono collection, that also create suggestive lighting effects on the ceiling. Once again, Fabbian lamps are used to guarantee the perfect aesthetic effect thanks to their original, modern design.


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