La Rocca Restaurant

In Lancashire (United Kingdom), the very unusual and eccentric La Rocca Restaurant has been opened. The building is round in shape, and once you have entered, you find yourself in a large hall characterised by very bright, vibrant colours, decorations and modern furniture. Some of the lamps are by Fabbian. Two long lamps from the Hungry collection hang above the long grand piano, while Class floor lamps decorate the area with the tables near the windows.
Snake ceiling lamps with five lights and an adjustable diffuser provide lighting for the tables with bench seating. On the walls where the wine bottles are kept, we find white Bijou lamps with a crossed lighting effect, and the red wall decorated with paintings is illuminated by the numerous Faretti Lui spotlights with LED RGB fitted on the ceiling. Illumination in the bathrooms is provided by the transparent Cubetto ceiling lamps.

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