Gusmay Resort Hotel

The Gusmay Resort Hotel is the modern restoration of an antique hotel in Peschici (FG, Italy), a pleasant seaside town along the beautiful Apulian coastline. It was designed and built with the precise aim of offering a sober, exclusive and functional hotel with sophisticated design and high-class furnishings and finishes.
This project was of great importance to Fabbian, because it led to the creation of the Clap collection: hanging lamps, wall lamps, table and floor lamps, designed by architect Jacopo della Fontana (D2U) during the renovation of the Resort. This collection is in fact visible in the guest rooms, in which the bedside tables are illuminated by the wall lamps while the living areas in the rooms are lit by the table and floor lamps. recessed spotlights from the Cricket collection with a rating of IP67 are used in the bathrooms, while the shower cubicles are illuminated by Faretti recessed spotlights. This is a clean, sober design that creates relaxing luxury.

Arch. Jacopo della Fontana - D2U
Ph. Giulio Favotto

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