Case Studies

The Case Studies section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.


Heart and Soul Wellness Center

In the frenetic city of Dubai, you can take time out to relax in the Heart & Soul Spa Centre. The philosophy behind the centre is that of restoring the calming effect of nature, relaxing and creating moments of peace and tranquillity for customers away from the chaos of the city. The interiors are thus well-groomed and cosy, and dominated by a design that creates a feeling of intimacy.
The Mediterranean style is omnipresent, with elements in light-coloured wood, natural stone, neutral, pastel shades and simple, comfortable furniture. At the back of the reception desk there is a long line of Giunco floor lamps that almost simulate a cane thicket as if to convey a sense of balance and relaxation. The Lumi Sfera hanging lamps in different dimensions have been used for the make-up area, while in the hair salon, we find the two sizes of the Diamond hanging lamps and long Slot recessed spotlights.


Guarda Golf Hotel SPA

The prestigious Hotel Guarda Golf in Crans Montana (Switzerland) has a high-class Spa and Well-being area. The centre is distinguished by the formal clean lines of the interiors and an atmosphere that exudes a wide feeling of relaxation to favour the psychophysical well-being of its guests.
With this in mind, Architect Davide D’Agostino developed a rational project for the organisation and distribution of the different areas and, above all, the design of the interiors. The philosophy of this spa thus consists in offering an exquisite experience through simplicity: a simple location created with the finest materials using simple methods yet expertly carried out. Fabbian illuminated the entire spa area. In the massage parlours Cubetto ceiling lamps and Venere recessed spotlights were used. The changing rooms are illuminated with LED Farettispotlights, while Zen recessed spotlights are used in the pool area. The gym is illuminated with Beluga Crystal spotlights while in all the wet rooms and shower areas, light is provided by lamps from the Cricket collection with a rating of IP67.

Arch. Davide d'Agostino
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Hotel&Spa Design 2010

In 2010, Naples hosted an interesting edition of Hotel&Spa Design, an event at which architects and designers made a ‘live’ proposal of the most important areas of an imaginary luxury hotel, such as the entrance hall, the guest rooms and suits, and the restaurant. Also in this case, Fabbian provided the illumination for many projects.
The project ‘Well-being in being’ by Davide d’Agostino used: a large white Crio lamp to illuminate the beds, Beluga Colour, Snake and Tube ceiling lamps were used next to the walls to highlight their texture and create suggestive lighting effects, and three dazzling columns using Tile lamps to add an extra touch of luxury.
In the project named ‘Intertwined places’ by the architectural study of Alberto Apostoli, more technical lamps were used and almost concealed to create pleasant lighting effects and amplify the cosy, warm feel of the room. Here we fine Beluga Colour recessed spotlights and ceiling lamps from the Orbis collection, with the light directed to create ‘cuts’ of light on the walls.
‘The spa of laziness’ by Marco Vismara&Andrea Viganò is a dynamic, colourful ambiance dominated by graphic, geometrical motifs. To illuminate these spaces, Fabbian uses the Beluga Steel and Kone hanging lamps, the orientable Snake wall lamps, numerous Venere recessed spotlights throughout and Diamond hanging lamps.


Wellness Area Grand Hotel Paradiso

The prestigious Grand Hotel Paradiso in Catanzaro Lido (Italy) is ideally located for holidays by the sea. The building has an elegant, classic design suited for creating cosy, luxurious atmospheres. To bring out the best features of the hotel, recessed spotlights from the Venere collection were chosen for all the common areas: in the corridors leading to the guest rooms, in the entrance hall by the reception desk, and in the bar and lounge area.
The guest rooms are lit using the sophistication Vicky and Diamond wall lamps, fitted near the beds to provide lighting over the bedside tables. In the Spa and Well-Being Centre, there are numerous Venere spotlights with RGB illumination to create moments of pure relaxation and tranquillity.


Art Petè Wellness Center

When planning Spa and Well-Being Centres, illumination plays a fundamental role because it effects not only the appearance and safety of the different areas but also the state of mind of the spa guests. To illuminate the Art Petè Wellness Centre, two types of lamp were chosen: Plano, by Studio Futura, an orientable recessed spotlight with a structure in chrome-plated steel, suitable for installation in false ceilings.
Plano is distinguished by the bold, even light it produces, and the project includes many Plano spotlights, distributed along the corridors and in the common areas to provide sufficient lighting in the areas without forsaking the minimalist, clean style that distinguishes the Wellness Centre.
Domina, by Tiziano Maffione, a wall lamp with structure in white, powder-coated cast aluminium. In its simplicity, Domina illuminates the room indirectly, creating a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere that promotes rest, a typically sought-after characteristic for relaxation areas.
The lighting project for the Art Petè Wellness Centre was studied specially to make sure it met all requirements in terms of appearance and functionality.

Arch. Alberto Apostoli
Ph. Luca Morandini

Gym Zero10

The Zero10 Gym is in Padua(Italy), and is dedicated to the physical and spiritual well-being of guests who, after a hard day’s work, can come here to unwind and do physical exercise. The interiors have a well-groomed, cosy design, also thanks to the numerous elements that revoke natural shades and images, such as the wooden flooring and the fine curved wooden beams.
Fabbian lighting fixtures have been used to enhance these pleasant spaces with a touch of fine taste and elegance. The reception area is illuminated by the transparent hanging lamps and wall lamps of the Beluga Colour collection, while the corridors and service areas are delineated by the light of the Cricket recessed spotlights on the floor. In the two large fitness and aerobic rooms, there are numerous Riccio and Toroidale hanging lamps in white polycarbonate.

Arch. Giuseppe Pastrò
Ph. Claudio Carraro

Home&Spa Design 2011

In 2011, Fabbian was chosen to illuminate the spaces of the FuoriSalone in Milan, at the SuperStudio 13 dedicated to the theme of Home&Spa Design spa centres. The finest architects in the sector proposed their ideas to create atmospheres and places in which to offer visitors moments of pure leisure and relaxation. Many Fabbian lamps were chosen for these projects.
In the “Crystal Dreams” interior of the Granese Architecture & Design Studio, a magnificent Tile light was fitted to a white wall, dominated by lush plants, while a black Cubetto ceiling lamp and white vertical Cubetto lamps were installed around the pool. The sofas in the waiting room are illuminated by a cascade of Diamond hanging lamps. Architect Davide D’Agostino of Dada Architecture & Design recreated suggestions of alpine nature, also thanks to the Beluga Steel collection with hanging and wall lamps, the clear Beluga Colour ceiling lamps that illuminate the beautiful antique wooden beams, and the Tube hanging lamps and Beluga Colour recessed spotlights, which exalt the texture on the walls.
In the Space named “Perfect Dualism” by Alberto Apostoli, Architecture & Design has tried to place contrasting elements in a harmonious blend, to create a highly modern and comfortable setting. Recessed spotlights from the Venere collection were chosen, for a great wall lamp - WLC (Wellness Light Collection) - which was designed ad hoc for this space using LED technology in RGB.
Architect Luca Scacchetti designed “The house of stone”, a space dominated by natural, carefully selected materials distinguished by neutral shades and beige. The illumination chosen is classic and elegant. It includes recessed spotlights from the Venere collection and the Faretti collection (Eli, Tondo, and Rombo), and the hanging lamps from the Classici collection, also designed by Architect Scacchetti.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

Spa Design 2010

In 2010, in the Tortona district of Milan, on the occasion of the FuoriSalone Home&Spa Design, architects and designers presented their ideas for living areas in the home and Well-Being centres. Fabbian was an important partner for the illumination of numerous different projects.
In the space dedicated to water “The Design of Water” by architect Luca Scacchetti, the movements of the jets of water that flow in the tubs and fountains in light-coloured stone, are exalted by the Cricket spotlights, which are also installed underwater thanks to the rating of IP67, and by the Classici hanging lamps and the spotlights in the Faretti and Zen collections.
In the project named “My Own Spa” by the Studio Svetti of Emanuele Svetti, a space was designed not only for physical well-being but above all the well-being of the soul. The Plano recessed spotlights with oriented light illuminate the pools, while walls made up of Tile lights create a séparé between the corner areas, which then end with Elle floor lamps.
“Tailor Made Home Spa” by Idea Design International Paolo Pardini - Carlo Lapucci represents an area in which the shapes, materials, lights and colours are designed to create a place centred around humans, human sensations and emotions. The oriented recessed spotlights are from the Plano collection, above the bed and table we find the splendid Riccio and Toroidale hanging lamps in glossy white, while the bedside tables are lit with Diamond table lamps.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

H&CO Beauty Store

The superb beauty centre H&CO Beauty Store is located in Porto Viro (RO, Italy), and offers various treatments and beauty products, plus the chance to take part in events. It is very big and well organised and tastefully furnished, with modern and highly practical elements. To provide the best possible illumination for these spaces, Fabbian opted for spotlights to show off the products on display and the various working areas.
In the store, ceiling lamps from the Beluga Colour collection were used, Cubetto wall lamps were used for the mirrors and Venere recessed spotlights were installed to illuminate the product display stands. More technical spotlights were installed in the operating areas, such as Zen, From Gom and Venere, while numerous black Beluga Alu are used to illuminate the large space used specifically for fashion shows.

Arch. Marco Motta
Ph. Giulio Favotto


The GymDay gym is situated in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy), in the shopping area of the town. The building is articulated around a large hall containing the gym equipment, enhanced by beautiful wooden beams: from here, the bathrooms and changing rooms can be reached. The rooms are simple and cosy thanks to the natural colour schemes of the interiors and furnishings.
The lamps chosen have a classic, essential design. For the area containing the gym equipment, large wall lamps from the Tetras collection have been chosen, while long Style wall lamps are used above the mirrors. The corridors are lit by twin fittings of chrome-finished Bijou wall lamps with a double light beam, while the shorter version of Style wall lamps provide light in the changing rooms. Sophisticated spaces and furnishings for leisure and sport.

Arch. Linda Sarai
Ph. Giulio Favotto

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