Case Studies

The Case Studies section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.


Roofer: new light for the Food Court in Varese (Italy)

The redevelopment of the catering area of the Shopping Centre in Gavirate by the Milanese studio Hit arcHITects has just ended. The goal of increasing the time spent there and attracting potential new customers, led architects to focus on enhancing the exclusive lake view, and creating new perspectives and points of view towards external features. A glass-lined balcony has therefore been created, as well as an outdoor area which has been designed for the warm seasons. The interior furnishings, well-finished and warm, are characterised by the natural tones of the oak wood panelling, the marble of the tables and the Maiolica benches. The atmosphere is welcoming and relaxing thanks to large islands of green plants and moss-covered walls. To decorate and make this large public space unique, the original Aérostat and white-scaled Roofer cone suspensions were incorporated, a strategic choice to give more character and a touch of sophisticated design to the whole environment.

Design: Hit arcHITects
Ph: Andrea Fongo/Fabio Alzati

NoGlu Restaurant

NoGlu is a chain of gourmet restaurants specialising in gluten-free cuisine. Their tasty dishes are beautifully presented, delicious to eat, and light like clouds… The care and passion that goes into preparing the lunches and dinners is the same as ours in wanting to illuminate the environments to perfection. So, here we are in Paris, eating a delicious meal under a blanket of white clouds, our Cloudy lights!

Designer: Mathieu-Lehanneur
Photography: Michel-Giesbrecht

ArtScience Cafè

Strategically positioned between the prestigious Harvard and MIT universities, Café ArtScience designed by Mathieu Lehanneur opens its doors. Over 1000 m2 to host scientific, intellectual and artistic discussions, Café ArtScience is an hybrid and multi-purpose venue that represents a new equation: Restaurant + Auditorium + Bar + Concept Shop + Art Gallery = Ideas!
Café ArtScience is the missing link between scientific laboratory and literary café, already appealing to scholars, artists, students and investors gathered around the same dishes.The dining area is decorated with 20 suspensions Cloudy creating a very scenic and unique atmosphere.

Arch. Mathieu Lehanneur
Ph. Phase One Photography

Kanji Light Restaurant

Creating the right atmosphere in certain places is the key to their success. Among these places, Kanji Light fusion restaurant required a very special setting. The result was a contemporary location with a colourful twist that creates a dramatic visual effect and an impressive impact.
Our Laminis is perfect in such an innovative and forward-thinking environment: the three glass panels divide the space of the room, enhancing the center of the room itself. It is a great inspiration for all those projects that want to include a scenographic effect.

Arch. Giuseppe Dondoni

Altitude Restaurant

The Altitude Restaurant is located within the luxurious Ana Hotels and Sport Hotel & Spa in Poiana Brasov, in the heart of Romania. The restaurant offers its customers a breathtaking view over the ski resort, however it is mostly acknowledged for the delicious cuisine and the refined setting. Indeed, the Laminis collection was chosen as a decorative lighting element.
Laminis decorates the walls of the restaurants with its elegance, but most importantly its glass tiles let light transpire between the different rooms, creating wider spaces. The golden structure perfectly blends in with the sophisticated details of the restaurant, whereas the different patterns of glass give a dynamic design to the room.

Arch. Daniel Ciocazanu, DOOI Studio

Ristorante Italia

In Saint Petersburg in a young, dynamic part of the city, the small but pleasant Ristorante Italia has been opened. The colours and wooden elements of the furniture create a warm, cosy atmosphere, making it the ideal place in which to while away the hours with friends or family. The lamps chosen to make this restaurant unique are five Roofer hanging lamps in different colours, which illuminate the long row of central tables.
This lamp was designed by Benjamin Hubert. It has an unusual, contemporary design that distinguishes any room in which it is installed. It runs on low-energy light bulbs and the rubber scales are machine-washable.


Tiramisù Restaurant

The Tiramisù Restaurant in the Marina di Venezia camp site in Cavallino, in Venice, Italy, is a superb example of how a simple lamp can become not only a distinctive decorative element, but the main theme of an entire furnishing project. The colour scheme and natural materials used to decorate this restaurant were in fact chosen around the Stick hanging lamp by Matali Crasset.
The proximity to the sea and incontaminated pine forest, together with the warm, natural tones of the furnishings, make this atmosphere relaxing and pleasant, whilst the materials of the Stick lamp the entire setting unique.

Arch. Federico Marzari
Ph. Quasar

Baffito’s bar & Pizzeria

The Roofer lamps are the protagonists of Baffito's Bar&Pizzeria in Cheshire made by the contractor Andy Thornton Ltd.
Baffito’s Bar & Pizzeria is a new 140-cover restaurant in Warrington, Cheshire that serves up classic Italian food in a unique and inviting environment. Roofer pendant lighting are positioned throughout three of Baffito’s areas: the pizzeria, trattoria and garden.
The quirky, urban interior is completed by a combination of grey Roofer pendants, vintage furniture and a checkerboard tiled floor.
Brown line industrial-style benches promoting sociable, group dining in the trattoria. The Roofer brown tiles, wooden table tops and bench seats and quartz terrazzo floor create an earthy, warm atmosphere that captures the spirit of traditional Italian family dining.
While seating booths in the romantic garden bring the outdoors indoors, for an intimate and quirky dining experience.
Here, green Roofer pendants hang over the booths surrounded by bespoke pergolas dressed with potted flower pots and trailing ivy.

Contractor: Andy Thornton Ltd
Ph. Dan Kenyon Photography

La Rocca Restaurant

In Lancashire (United Kingdom), the very unusual and eccentric La Rocca Restaurant has been opened. The building is round in shape, and once you have entered, you find yourself in a large hall characterised by very bright, vibrant colours, decorations and modern furniture. Some of the lamps are by Fabbian. Two long lamps from the Hungry collection hang above the long grand piano, while Class floor lamps decorate the area with the tables near the windows.
Snake ceiling lamps with five lights and an adjustable diffuser provide lighting for the tables with bench seating. On the walls where the wine bottles are kept, we find white Bijou lamps with a crossed lighting effect, and the red wall decorated with paintings is illuminated by the numerous Faretti Lui spotlights with LED RGB fitted on the ceiling. Illumination in the bathrooms is provided by the transparent Cubetto ceiling lamps.

Etage Restaurant

The Etage Restaurant in Krasnogorsk (Russia) is located in a young, vibrant district of the city. The style of the restaurant is modern and well-groomed, with sober yet sophisticated items of furniture, while the cosy, intimate atmosphere is enhanced by the illumination. Sophisticated, elegant Kone hanging lamps are fitted above each table, and make the entire space more sparkly and exquisite thanks to their finish in chrome-plated steel.
The entire restaurant is also fitted with Zen recessed spotlights on the ceiling, with LED RGB, which give a touch of colour and freshness to the ambiance. Fabbian are sophisticated design elements that enhance any space in which they are installed.


San Martino Restaurant

In Rio San Martino (VE, Italy), the architect Alberto Torsello has restored an old building and converted it into a restaurant. The furniture is essential and sober and characterised by pale colours and natural materials, while the numerous curved walls create an overall dynamic atmosphere. The lamps chosen for this project are twin wall lamps, hanging lamps and ceiling lamps from the Beluga White collection, with diffusers in white, shiny blown glass.
The chosen illumination enhances the canteen containing fine bottled wines, giving it a certain charm.

Arch. Alberto Torsello
Ph. Claudio Carraro

Villa Casena dei Colli Restaurant

The restaurant Villa Casena dei Colli is located in Palermo (Italy), in a renovated XVIII-century building with fine rooms decorated with frescoes, all in perfect condition. The style of the interiors is definitely classic and traditional with a hint of modern design in the chairs, paintings and lamps. The overall appearance is harmonious and suggestive.
Numerous floor lamps from the Kone, Beluga Steel and Bijou collections are placed in the corners of each room, all in chrome-plated steel to make these rooms even more elegant. On the outside, LED spotlights from the Cricket collection have been installed with a rating of IP67.

Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Jadore Sushi Restaurant

The famous Jadore Sushi Restaurant is located by the city walls of Cittadella (PD, Italy). It is composed of two parts: the first, containing the bar and reception area is connected to the second part, the restaurant itself, by a lift. The bar is distinguished by a modern design with bold contrasts and is illuminated by two beautiful, shiny black Riccio hanging lamps with LED and halogen light bulbs above the counter.
The walls are fitted with numerous twin wall lamps from the Cubetto collection, with diffusers in transparent and black crystal, that creative charming, decorative lighting effects on the red and white walls. In the modestly sized restaurant, three Toroidale hanging lamps provide sufficient illumination above the tables, while the walls are fitted with other lamp models from the Cubetto collection.

Ph. Giulio Favotto

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