Metropole F42

Marc Sadler

As the name suggests, Metropole is inspired by the skyscraper windows in a city that never sleeps. The high vertical buildings liven up during the night thanks to the light that seeps through the windows, creating fascinating reflecting puzzles. The city noise and chaos are muffled by Metropole natural materials - wood and sound-absorbing fabric, which, by blending together in modular elements, divide the space decorating it with light. Thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics, Metropole is ideal for illuminating large spaces, such as hotel lobbies or open-space restaurants. This modular system comprises natural beechwood laths, alternated by sound-proofing and fireproof fabric. The laths contained the LED light source, which can be bi- or unidirectional, depending on the light effects you wish to create. The fabric is fastened to the ceiling lath, which holds the driver, in an alternating way compared to the lighted laths.

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