Case Studies

The Case Studies section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.


Showroom Seventy

The beautiful Seventy Showroom is located in Milan. This large space, designed by the Pamio architectural Studio, is minimalist with very clean lines. The furniture is essential and there are no decorative elements. The Zen lamps used to illuminate the entire store has the twin function of enhancing both the garments and the architecture.
The recessed spotlights use low-energy fluorescent bulbs, and halogen lamps that can be adjusted to direct the light and also create suggestive lighting effects on the walls. In order to enhance the space as much as possible, special luminous strips have also been installed down the pillars that offer the possibility of colour changes.

Arch. Roberto Pamio

A crystal stream in an “iron palace”

A beautiful Tile chandelier is the main feature of the shoe department at the luxury mall Palacio de Hierro in Mexico City. It was conceived so that it resembled a serpentine, developing across the whole length of the store and placed in the centre dividing the space in two halves.

Given the significant dimensions of the chandelier, the distribution of the glasses was designed so that the whole perception would be light and soft. For this reason, all the gaps between the glass Tiles make the chandelier look airy, just like a river of crystal sparkles flowing unevenly across the ceiling.

Skins Cosmetics

A series of custom made Fabbian Tile light up the new Skins Cosmetics Shop in Amsterdam. Skins Cosmetics opened a new shop in the Conservatorium Hotel, the iconic five-star hotel located in the heart of Amsterdam. Four Fabbian Tile ceiling lamps light up this luxury shop, where they sell high level cosmetics with an high-level service.
The Studio Rublek (Amsterdam) has designed very special Tile ceiling lamps, with a balanced equilibrium of empty and full, for a very modern effect, which fits perfectly with the interior design of the luxury shop.
This custom made version of the Tile is light, evanescent and poetic.

Arch. Studio Rublek

Migros Shopping Center

A hundred of Toroidale lamps light up the new shopping center Simplon Center, Migros, in Bris Gliss, Switzerland.
These polyethylene lamps, with diffuser made by a rotational molding process, illuminate and decorate all the common areas of the largest shopping center in the Canton of Valais. They are customized Toroidale lamps, dimmable DALI, lit by compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Arch. Christian Constantin SA

L'Eliseo Shop

The historical and traditional shop "Eliseo" of Caldiero Spa (Verona, Italy) was redesigned by the Arch. Alberto Apostoli. The concept, according to the project, born from the creativity- rationality dualism, and is developed through a sophisticated use of shapes, lights and colors.
Rationality is inherent in the use of square shapes made of crystal and metal; creativity is displayed mainly by three elliptical elements which rise vertically from the floor up to the ceiling, contributing to the division of retail space in three different areas: man, women and young.The LEDs, whose vertical and horizontal light, is used by the Apostles as the real cover material, run along all major lines of the shop and furnishings, transforming the latter into sources of indirect light.
Fabbian contributes to a more technical lighting: the recessed lights of the collection Plano, the light track system Orbis for showcases, the hanging lamps Kone, le applique Tube on the facade and the recessed lights Cricket e Venere.

Arch. Alberto Apostoli

Dr. Battistella Pharmacy

The pharmacy of Dr. Battistella is situated in Pieve di Soligo (TV, Italy), and is lit entirely with lamps produced by Fabbian. The store is reasonably large and well-furnished in a minimalist, simple style. It also has an office and a warehouse. The illumination required uses lamps that provide the best type of illumination for the products on display.
Therefore, the shelving holding the pharmaceutical products are lit with numerous track-mounted ceiling lamps from the Orbis collection with metal halide lamp bulbs. In the office, an elegant Pulse hanging lamp with LED light bulbs and two rows of round and square recessed spotlights of the Venere collection, with halogen bulbs, are installed above the table.

Arch. Studio Andreani
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Capo Serio Shop

The elegant store selling fashion for men and women, Capo Serio, is situated in the quaint seaside town, Cefalù (PA Italy). It has a very classic, cosy style and is tastefully furnished with details in wood and glass. The Fabbian collections chosen to provide the best illumination possible for the garments on sale are Vicky and Book.
The hanging lamps with two and five light sources are positioned above the counters when the garments are looked at together with customers. In addition to providing the perfect illumination, these lamps add a touch of modern sophistication thanks to their chic design and high quality. In the changing rooms, the Vicky wall lamps are used to create a warm, pleasant light. The glass showcases and walls are fitted with twin, track-mounted Book spotlights on the ceiling, with metal halide light bulbs. In addition to providing the best type of illumination, Book also creates pleasant lighting effects on the walls.

Arch. Daniele Amarù
Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Emma Shop

The new store selling casual clothing by Emma in the historic city centre of Padua (Italy), is a place in which modern and traditional styles are combined. The architecture of the premises is clean and minimalist and enhanced by details and furniture in wood, glass and metal. Illumination plays a decisive role, not only by providing the right light to the areas of the store and the garments, but also in enhancing the overall look.
Above the counter, two hanging lamps from the Class collection in black, three Roofer lamps with grey scales and a white Toroidale lamp are fitted. Tube hanging lamps light up the alcoves while the entire store is lit from above with Zen and Cricket recessed spotlights.

Ph. Claudio Carraro

Firas Showroom

The Firas showroom in San Donà di Piave (VE, Italy), is a large exhibition space of tiles for use in the home and bathroom accessories. The store is very airy and the illumination was designed to fill, furnish and enhance the entire space. The lamps used also have the function of showing the textures and characteristics of the various elements in stone, wood and brick presented to customers, to their best advantage.
On the ceiling, we find hanging lamps from the Toroidale, Riccio and Class collections, with silk-screen printed glass, while floor lamps from the Dune and Elle collections are placed close to the fireplaces. The walls are fitted with lamps from the Dune and Ali collections and above, illumination is provided by Venere recessed spotlights in steel.

Ph. Claudio Carraro

Marchese Ragona Shop

The lingerie store, Marchese Ragona, is situated in Canicatti (AG, Italy). The store is very spacious and pleasant, and the products are elegantly presented with the right illumination. The furniture is sober and modern with hints of red on the sofa seats.
The entire store is distinguished by a track lighting system, made up of numerous Orbis spotlights in steel on the ceiling, that can be oriented as wished, and Beluga Colour lamps with red diffusers to the side of the display cases. All lamps are fitted with metal halide light bulbs, which produce a neutral light that is ideal for showing the colours of the garments on display to their best advantage.

Arch. Daniele Amarù
Light designer Antonio Coco
Ph. Giulio Favotto

Le Floe Shop

The elegant store of men's clothing, Le Floe, is located in Greece. The store is cosy and well-groomed in the choice of furniture, with a mixture of modern and classic styles.
The items chosen for illumination include: track-mounted Orbis spotlights in steel, several Plano recessed spotlights placed here and there, both using metal halide light bulbs and both orientable, in order to show the colours and materials of the garments to their best advantage; further lighting is provided by square Zen spotlights with fluorescent light bulbs on the ceiling. On the outside, Jazz wall lamps are used to create suggestive lighting patterns on the wall.

Castello Uomo Shop

The elegant store of men's’ clothing, Castello Uomo, is located in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy). The store is distinguished by its very classic style in natural, pastel shades, with more modern elements such as the iron beams and pillars and the glass used for the furniture and stairs.
The entire space is illuminated by numerous ceiling lamps and recessed spotlights, with one, four and six lights from the Beluga Crystal and Beluga Colour collections. Thanks to the halogen and metal halide light bulbs used in these lamps, they create many striking, suggestive lighting effects that enhance and decorate the store itself and the items on display superbly.

Arch. Linda Sarai & arch. Silvia Moro

L'incontro Shop

The L’Incontro store, in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy), sells luxurious garments by top brands. The store has been fitted with lamps from the elegant and exquisite Class lamp collection. The glass showcases are lit with the cubic black hanging lamps, while the entrance is enhanced by floor lamps with the same finish.
The final effect is striking and the light reflected on the Swarovski glass creates suggestive lighting effects that seem to decorate the walls. Fabbian produces lamps with sophisticated, exquisite designs that not only provide light but above all create emotions.


Le Numerò Shop

The Le Numerò store in Castelfranco Veneto (TV, Italy) is very modern and youthful in style and sells clothing, shoes and bags. The furniture is simple but fresh and characterised by bold colours and mirrors that make the best of and fill the space available. The illumination of the entire store is provided by lamps from the Zen collection: three long rows of recessed spotlights shed light on the clothes and accessories, exalting their materials and colours.
These light fittings use fluorescent and halogen bulbs, and can be directed as wished also to create light patterns on the walls.

Arch. Patrizia Cappellini

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