A Fabbian Tile at Seatec boat show

At the Seatec fair on show from 6 to 8 February will be the Fabbian installation created with the Tile system by Pamio Design, evoking the infinite beauty of the sea. It will be located in the Agorà area where the winning projects from the international “M.Y.D.A. - Millennium Yacht Design Award” competition, now in its tenth year, will be on display.

“The highlights of the Fabbian installation covering an area of 8 metres by 4 are a series of Tile curtains varying in width and height which create a flowing movement like the waves of the sea. The transparent, sparkling colour of the Tile modules, the light and shade play of solids and voids of the individual Tile curtains and the acquamarine-coloured glass together recall the sparkle of the sun reflecting on the surface of the sea rippled by the wind.

The installation allows visitors to pass through the curtains and plunge into these sculptures of glass and light for a fascinating experience of the senses while admiring the versatile nature and beauty of the Tile product”.

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Fabbian is also available for the North America market: click here to visit the North American website

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