Das Haus at the IMM Cologne 2018 by Lucie Koldova

The latest edition of IMM Cologne 2018, the important German fair, was held in mid-January and featured the work of designer Lucie Koldova. The Czech designer was invited to design the very prestigious Das Haus space at the fair. This honour is entrusted each year to the most popular designers of the moment who are tasked with designing the ideal home.
Lucie Koldova calls her Das Haus "Light Levels" because light, in all its forms and moods, plays the main role within the space of just five rooms. The main room at the heart of the house presents a large central fire that represents the concept of heat. Next, is the room for relaxation for body and mind, then the room that "gives light to ideas", followed by the fashionable and artistic dressing room and finally, the room of the spirit which is dominated by our Lens collection with a large suspension lamp and wall lamps created specifically for this project.

Ph. Martin Chum

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