Case Studies

The Case Studies section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.

Private homes

The Upper Annex

Upper Annex is a private luxury project in Canada: behind the traditional red brick façade, this private residence hides one of the best modernist renovations ever seen in Toronto. The planning and development of the project were entrusted to 3GenDevelopmentGroup and Sauvagesse Studios who chose the Multispot Tooby to illuminate the magnificent master bathroom.

Development Firm: 3Gen Development Group Inc.
Design: Sauvagesse Studios
Ph. Bob Gundu

Cathedral Commons: Tile for the living room

Cathedral Commons, located on Wisconsin Avenue, Northwest of Washington DC, is a luxury destination housing high-end apartments. Cathedral Commons homes are newly-built, with amazing halls, lounge areas and library, gym and courtyards. It is no coincidence that Tile has been chosen to embellish the living area, by creating a small and cosy space within the living room. The glass and the dark wood create a mix of materials and sensations which make the large living room even more classy.

Architect: INTEC Group (formerly JCA)
Interior Designer: Hartman Design Group
Photographer: Jeff Sauers

Chef’s Delight: Tile for the kitchen

Every home is different: this because everyone wants to feel it original, unique and welcoming. This is one of the reasons why people put greater care in furnishing their favourite rooms: bedroom, living room or kitchen! And the kitchen is the true protagonist of this luxurious American home (Georgia, Atlanta), where our Tile lightens up the island and the dining table, embellishing this wonderful space.

Interior Designer: Joel Kelly Design
Photographer: Erica George Dines

Oru Copper for the dining room

For some years now, copper has returned as the star of interior design: ornaments, lighting, finishes and décor were conquered by its character.
We are truly excited that our Oru Copper has been chosen to light up the dining area of this luxury apartment in Park Avenue, NY. An intimate and warm environment, embellished by copper hanging lamps which make the environment even more welcoming and unique.
Oru Copper, with its elegant, exquisite design, is a semi-spherical shade in copper, made in a single piece, burnished on the outside and polished on the inside. The lamp runs on mains power and is suitable for use with halogen, fluorescent and LED bulbs.

Architect: Design42
Interior Designer: Studio Mellone
Photographer: Guy Chan

Tile for the private billiard room

The atmosphere in a private billiard room must be elegant and sophisticated, favouring soft but effective light. The private project at Saint Petersburg (Russia) establishes Tile as an important detail in the room: it decorates the walls, creating a soft light around the room, giving the luxury and sophistication that enhance the billiard table.
Installed as both an exclusive wall and as a glass wall light, Tile creates a really striking and extravagant atmosphere, managing as always to captivate modern and classic environments with its versatile and timeless style.

Architectural and Design Bureau PROstyle under the leadership of Arch. Viacheslav Eroshin (SPB)

Tile for the private swimming pool

One of our last private projects in Saint Petersburg (Russia) sees Tile as the undisputed protagonist: in a large swimming pool area, it discretely, elegantly separates the different environments.
Installed as both wall and crystal column, Tile creates a truly romantic, sophisticated atmosphere separating the pool from the more intimate relaxation and hydro-massage areas with a charming, careful result.

Arch. Natalia Yushchieva
Arch. Ekaterina Shebunina

Private Houses with Tile

The following paragraphs present the most beautiful and prestigious lighting installations in homes and villas created with the Tile collection. Tile is not only a lamp but also an architectural element: it is functional and decorative at the same time and creates unique, original settings in which to live, work and rest. Thanks to the material with which it is made, crystal, it adds a touch of class and character.
Tile is a product with a modern design with classic inspiration, suitable for elegant, sophisticated home environments.

Private Houses

In this section, numerous examples are shown of areas of private homes in which lamps from the Fabbian catalogue have been installed. Each ambiance is suitably lit using hanging lamps, table lamps, floor, wall and ceiling lamps in a variety of materials, lamp types and shapes. Fabbian lamps are designed to suit any style, whether modern or classic. They are high quality, made with cutting-edge technology and sophisticated in their design.
They are also furnishing accessories in their own right that adapt well to any kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom or patio.

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