A new project design by Marco Piva

This wall lamp, designed by Marco Piva to enlighten a prestigious hotel in Milan, arises from a detailed research on the elegance and the sensuality that characterised the Art Deco style of the 20’s and 30’s. The research aimed to distinguish this lighting fixture for its durability, both in its colours choice and materials, that are not based on the current trends but rather on the concept of timelessness. An elegant, not ephemeral, object. The shape of Gold Step, rectangular with three elevated parallelepipeds, is simple yet functional; an homage to geometric-cubism and linearism characteristic of furnishings in Art Deco style, reinterpreted with a modern touch. In Gold Step, entirely realised in aluminium, two different fi nishings were combined: satin bronze for the rectangular base, in satin gold the three parallelepiped-shaped elements, separated by symmetrical distances, from which light is spread. The product’s innate chromatic and geometric contrast enhances it from a purely functional object to an element of art.
Other LEDs Fabbian products have also been used in the project: Tile wall lamp, Slot, Cindy and Vela.

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