Fabbian collaborates to the "E-LIGHT" research project

Fabbian Illuminazione Spa has participated, in the role of leader, in a research project sponsored by Luce in Veneto, in collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Padua (DEI) and the Multiphysics Lab Research Centre of Belluno. The project was entitled “Distributed sensorization by way of multi-functional lighting points (acronym: E-LIGHT).” Its aim was to identify solutions that would enable the lighting point to be used as the “source” of additional services which have nothing to do with illumination, in an attempt to increasingly bringing the lighting point closer to the digital multimedia technologies used in domotics (human presence sensors; twilight sensors; gas or smoke sensors; noise sensors and microcameras etc..).
The project, which was concluded in February 2013, involved establishing a Temporary Association of Companies composed of the 5 companies in the consortium: Fabbian Illuminazione Spa, Classic Light Srl, Metallux Snc, Lam Srl and Elesi luce Srl. Its strong point was the high level of versatility that it displayed, in its ability to involving companies which operate in both the traditional and modern segments of the industry, for the various articles: hanging, wall and ceiling lamps, spotlights etc.. The research activities focused on the introduction of added value to lighting products, with a view to combating the strong pressure from competitors in the Far East.
Project funded by the Veneto Regional Authority with Decree no. 207 dated 18 November 2010 in its Call for Action 1.1.2 "Contributions towards the processes of technological transfer and to the development of in-house research units within companies" in the 2008-2013 POR – “Veneto as a region of Europe”

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