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Our company is always on the look out for new talents. For this reason, in collaboration with Desall, on 18 February 2015 we decided to hold a contest for designers of all ages and nationalities. The goal was not that easy: it involved revamping the Cubetto and Beluga collections, generating a new project that might become the worthy travelling companion of Fabbian's two best sellers.

We received almost 500 projects and it was no mean feat, but in the end, we opted for the idea of the designer who succeeded in giving a shape to our leitmotif and best interpreting the style of our company.

#1 TRIPLA by Devis Busato & Giulia Ciccarese (Italia)
What makes this project stand out is the very natural evolution of both Cubetto and Beluga. From a cube, to a sphere… to a triple. This unique design creates a totally new concept of shape, which is taken to an unprecedented level.
The shape proposed allows numerous installation possibilities in very neat and dynamic arrangements, never casual.
The possibility to choose glass in various finishes and textures and to position and direct the light beam makes the lamp suitable in a host of different settings, both in the home and in public spaces.

We would also like to highlight four other projects that stood out from the rest and are worthy of a special mention for the quality of the ideas.

#2 ROUTE by Elia Pogliana (Italia)
This project deserves a special mention because it exudes a strong magical charm with the patterns of light created by the positioning of the light sources both inside and outside the glass.
The fact of having an external light source that illuminates the glass from the outside, reverses the generally established idea that the light source has to be inside the diffuser; this ground-breaking idea is a strong point not to be overlooked.

#3 CORNETTO by Octavian George Gugu (Romania)
This project deserves a special mention because although the shape of the lamp is a natural follow-on of the cube and the sphere, as many of the projects assessed, the base is reversed and placed on top, generating curiosity and amazement.
Furthermore, more than others, this design is one of a series of projects dedicated to modular arrangements and the creation of lighting systems; more than this, the ceiling lamp gives us the clear sensation that the lighting elements actually spill out of the ceiling, creating truly amazing scenic effects.

#4 LOSANGA by Walter Giovanniello (Italia)
This project deserves a special mention because it adds a touch of dynamism, depth and coherence to an interpretation of the natural evolution of square, round and triangular shapes.
Together with the movement it creates, this lamp constantly generates new dynamic shapes by changing their profile continuously, yet never becoming incoherent.
The shape of this lamp also allows the various elements that make up the Losanga family to blend in with each other harmoniously.

#5 SQUARING by Juan Manuel G. Vegas (Spagna)
This project deserves a special mention, because it explores the world of wall lamps, with a highly original exploitation of the glass diffuser, which can also be used in the other lamps in the collection.
Its shape and the idea behind the light it emits makes it highly suitable both in the home and in spaces in which architectural lighting is more appropriate, yet without forgetting the important decorative aspect of glass and its unique light diffusing capacity.

Congratulations to everyone!

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