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The Case Studies section presents the most beautiful and interesting lighting projects developed with the use of Fabbian lights. From commercial places like hotels or restaurants, to private spaces like houses or villas, Fabbian is the perfect lighting partner who is able to provide technical yet stunning solutions.

Facilities and services

Cathay Pacific Lounge - The Wing - Hong Kong Airport

Fabbian Illuminazione has realized the ambitious The Wing project, a glass and light sculpture designed by the famous firm of architects, Norman Foster + Partners of London and positioned inside the Hong Kong airport, as symbol of the Cathay Pacific airline’s VIP lounge.
China turned to the excellence of Italian creativity to produce a towering work: an ultra-clear glass lamp 6 metres long and 3.2 metres high, weighing about 8 and a half tons. In seeking a supplier to complete this project, the Chinese chose the Italian company Fabbian for its reliability, quality, but above all its manufacturing skills and ability to give shape to the architect’s idea while at the same time complying with Chinese airport regulations, among the most stringent in the world.
«We have not only manufactured a lamp…but a design object»
The Wing lamp is made up of 20 ultra-clear glass blades standing 3.2 metres high. Each is shaped differently from the other, according to the design of Foster + Partners, and is decorated with engravings which, lit up by LED sources hidden in the base, produce a breathtaking effect.
The lamp weighs 8500 kg: this is a huge load concentrated on an airport floor of limited strength and able to withstand a limited weight. A base had to be designed able to support a heavy weight, to contain the lighting devices, which was easy to transport and service, and which was also beautiful to look at.
The Wing is a concentrate of totally made-in-Italy lighting technology. The technological base, which supports a huge weight of 8500 kg and contains the LEDs, is completely concealed flush with the floor. The floor of the VIP lounge in black Carrara marble contrasts with the purity of the crystals lit up by a system of LEDs which create a spectacular reflection effect.

Arch. Foster + Partners
Ph. Alberto Parise

Cathay Pacific Lounge - Paris C. De Gaulle Airport

Following the superb experience of Hong Kong, theAsian airline Cathay Pacific Airways has decided to make the Tile glass wall its distinguishing mark at the international airports in various cities around the world, including the C. De Gaulle Airport of Paris.
Here, there is a slightly smaller Tile wall behind the reception desk of the Lounge, of around 3 metres, also lit using LED technology, which gives the area a touch of elegance and a distinct indication of Italian-made style.

R.T.K.L. Architects
Photo© Courtesy of

Cathay Pacific Airways Business Lounge - San Francisco Airport

Cathay Pacific Airways has made Tile its hallmark also in America. At the airport of San Francisco (CA, USA) there is an entire Tile wall using LED technology. The architects of the Business Lounge of the Asian airline, Gensler Architects, designed the entire area and behind the information desk, they built a luminous LED wall using the Tile panels.
The overall impact is striking and thanks to Tile and the sparkle of its crystal, this part of the airport has a touch of sophistication and great importance. Tile, the Italian design that makes prestigious spaces unique.

Gensler Architects
Photo© Courtesy of

Cathay Pacific Lounge - The Cabin - Hong Kong Airport

The project for Cathay Pacific Airways at the international airport of Hong Kong (HK) is named “The Cabin”, and was designed by the famous architectural firm of London, Foster + Partners.
Fabbian demonstrated its great professionalism and organisational skills to create this important lighting installation, which has also been used in other lounges of the Asian airline throughout the world. To match the same luxury and elegance in this area of the airport, the architects chose lamps from the Tile collection. The wall at the back of the long reception desk was illuminated with a double row of crystal bricks of LED Tile lights, from top to bottom, in order to achieve an evenly lit wall with a great visual impact.

Arch. Foster + Partners
Ph. Nigel Young/Foster + Partners
Ph. Alberto Parise

Fabbian Parking Area

The Parking Area of the head offices of Fabbian Illuminazione in Castelminio di Resana (TV, Italy), was recently given a face-lift. The modern, imposing structure of the roofing, on which solar panels are fitted to produce electricity, are illuminated by the numerous Cricket light fittings with LED technology and a rating of IP67.
The overall effect is considerably striking and proves that in addition to its practical role, light is also of aesthetic importance.

Ph. Claudio Carraro

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