Ombra: projector for museums lighting

Ombra: projector for museums lighting

Ombra is a museum and retail area spotlight featuring high colour-rendering LEDs.
This is a high-performance spotlight: the LED light source used does not alter the colours, has low temperatures which do not spoil the works on show, creates natural lighting which enhances the natural beauty of paintings and sculptures and has low energy consumption.
The spotlight bulb permits achieving a narrow-angle and high-intensity beam, with excellent accent lighting design to emphasise details, smaller objects or objects at a distance from the light.
The floodlight bulb provides uniform and homogeneous light distribution on large surfaces and subjects. The use of a light-flow dimmer permits adapting light emission to numerous different lighting requirements.
The Ombra system features highly-flexible light-aiming adjustment with perfect control of painting colour nuances and enhancement of the chiaroscuro effects of sculptural works.
Ombra is available with a broad range of accessories – colour filters, cones and light screens of various intensities – for achieving professional and personalised results whatever the operating requirement.
The Ombra spotlight has been used to light up major cultural events such as the exhibition “Matisse. La seduzione di Michelangelo” (Matisse. The seduction of Michelangelo) at the Santa Giulia museum of Brescia and the exhibition ‘Armenia. Impronte di una civiltà’ (Armenia. Imprints of a civilization) at the Correr Museum in Venice.

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