At Euroluce 2019 trade fair, Fabbian has once again marked its activity and continuous search for new lighting architectures offering decorative elements with superior character and quality.

Amulette, designed by Bernhardt & Vella, it is an extra-clear glass sheet set in a golden or black satin-finish metal frame. Its design is minimal and very contemporary.

Ari, designed by Marco Spatti & Marco Pietro Ricci, it is a flexible system that can be adapted to both big and small spaces. It comes both as a single element, available in three sizes, up to the version with 12 lights. It can be installed freely or by following a precise geometric pattern. Ari is the classic chandelier with a modern twist.

Fruit Full, designed by Giovanni Barbato, it is a classic suspended light with an unusual shape and finish. A soft design, milky white glass with smoked profiles.

Ivette, designed by Pamio Design, it is a come-back after twenty years with a captivating new style in line with modern trends. The glass is available in dove grey covered in glossy white and in milk white covered in amber.

Malvasia, designed by Gregorio Facco, it is inspired by the earth, tradition and nature, with sinuous and elegant shapes. A collection with a discrete style, perfect for both private and public environments, such as bars and restaurants.

Minuet, designed by Gregorio Facco, it is made of pure and simple shapes. An acrylic glass disk resting horizontally or inclined, on a small white glazed sphere, a composition of mutable elements embellished by light.

Spin-bo, designed by Gio Minelli & Marco Fossati, its name derives from “spinning-top”, an element that reproduces the effect of continuous rotation, an opal white cone at the back diffuses the light while the front lampshade gives brightness and a unique character to the object.

TNT, designed by Roberto Giacomucci, inspired by classical architectural capitals, reinterpreted with a more contemporary vision. Clean and essential lines, perfect geometry for any environment.
itello, elemento architettonico di gusto classico che qui viene rivisto sotto una luce più contemporanea. Le linee sono pulite ed essenziali, una perfetta geometria da poter inserire in ogni ambiente.

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